Hospital denies wild reports of Schumacher death


The French hospital where Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher is receiving treatment has denied wild reports that the seven time world champion is dead.

The reports spread on social networking sites including Twitter, but a spokesperson for the Grenoble hospital told the French-language news agency AFP: “The hospital denies that Michael Schumacher has died.”

The online edition of Le Point, a French news magazine, said that the reports of Schumacher’s death prompted dozens of media representatives to flock to the hospital. (GMM)

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  • The Pessimist

    Shocking! what a small bunch of sadists in the media do to get attention, why don’t they leave the doctors to do their job and the Schumacher family in peace?

  • Nat Lockwood

    Why are people being so cruel?! If he had sadly passed away, wait ’till you are officially told, same with all these wild reports and accusations!

  • McLarenfan

    @Nat Lockwood, Most of this sick sadistic rubbish starts on website were moronic sadists are free to do or say anything they please just so long as they attract more followers and the sites popularity continues. It would be the same site were sick individuals bully young people till they commit suicide something book i think is the name.
    Who ever these people are I hope they are found so they can do no more harm’

  • Tamburello1994

    You do know you can REPLY directly to someone now instead of using the @ symbol.

  • Tamburello1994

    Can they shovel the dirt any faster? These people have no shame.

  • McLarenfan

    I do now thanks

  • Mellow Jessica

    So if Schumacher’s management – acting in concert w/ the hospital in which he is being cared for – would simply provide even the briefest media update(s) on his condition w/ some intermittent frequency, this kind of harmful speculation would have less impact because it would occur against the backdrop of regular press briefing.

    While this is no doubt a tragedy for Michael Schumacher and his family, it’s unrealistic of them to expect that his near-death and ongoing fight for life (and recovery) will not be of continual, long-term interest to segments of the ENTIRE WORLD.

  • Belize

    Its the hospitals fault, absolutely !!!! Millions of us are praying for him all around the world. Corinna & Keme have demanded a total news blackout. I’m pissed off at them. There, I said what lots of other fans are thinking. They wouldn’t be drowning in money if it wasn’t for Michaels loyal loving fans. I’ve been crying since I heard the news on Dec 29 2013. I’m devastated. How selfish or stupid are they????? Its their silence that is causing all these bullshit stories to emerge. We are not ghouls slowing down to see carnage on a roadside accident. We don’t want pictures. We love him & only want news that’s true.

  • APLM

    Difficult times for Corinna in a 24/7 instant news environment, but I must agree with you Belize, a valid point made well here. The complete news blackout does not help, in fact it feeds the very type of speculative frenzy that is painful for Michael’s family (first and foremost) but also for fans.

  • Tamburello1994

    REAL FANS would support and stand by the family unconditionally.

  • Belize

    Tamburello1994, I guess English is your second language or maybe you just can’t read. Or judging by the other ignorant comment you made to the person below, you just hang around looking to post comments that are rude. But since YOU speak for ALL REAL FANS, what can I say other then a person can be frustrated with another’s decisions and still have complete empathy for them. A concept that obviously goes over YOUR head.

  • Tamburello1994

    Calling the Schumacher family “selfish and stupid” all in the name of empathy? – You’d better look in the mirror before you start calling rude on somebody. Frankly speaking, I thought I was being nice about it before but I can certainly oblige you. Fact of the matter is the Schumacher’s owe you no explanation whatsoever because you are a nobody and you don’t matter. Do you really think they care that you’re “pissed off at them”? Like they should be catering to your needs, ffs. I have to wonder about ones sanity (and honesty) when they say they’ve been crying for the last six weeks over someone they don’t even know. “Fans” fall way down the priority list when we’re talking about someones husband, someones father, someones brother, someones son.

    Now does that sound like second language to you, clown?

  • Belize

    You are right. I am a nobody and I don’t matter. But I am not a clown & you are rude. I’m just a crippled shut-in, in a wheelchair who prays every night that the powers that be take me and give Michael Schumacher his life back. BTW, the second sentence in your post isn’t grammatically correct. My goodness, you do anger easily, but then again, most neurotics do. This conversation is over. Go ahead and have another freakout dear.

  • Tamburello1994

    That’s what I thought. Consider yourself schooled. No charge.

    Pro tip: Think twice next time before engaging someone who’s your intellectual superior.

  • ianchesterton

    The hospital should not say a darn thing about his condition unless the family wants them to. It’s none of our business, quite frankly. At the end of the day we are just the fans. He and his family are the ones that are together. You sound like a spoiled child yourself. Mummy and daddy paying your bills? Get over your importance to this family.

  • ianchesterton

    Agreed 100%: it’s none of our business. Schumi is not a family member of ours so when he dies, it should not affect us like it would affect his closest family and friends. The real ones. Not those that read the blogs and go to races and think that we actually know these people. Belize is totally unhinged and should get professional help.

  • ianchesterton

    God doesn’t exist.

  • Veronica Ailana Usher Cockeril

    Michael would not wish all this to be broadcast ‘and Corrina and the family know this ‘please think of his dear wife and Children ‘leave them with their beloved until there is some news ‘Corrina will be heartbroken and exhausted ‘she is acting in a private manner ‘and rightfully so ‘it is not our Husband ‘or family ‘you cannot tell them to speak ‘when there is nothing new to report ‘it is devestating ‘Corrina ‘is his wife ‘and also she knows what Michael would want ‘also she thinks of her children ‘please leave her alone to be with her husband ‘talking to him ‘she is trying all she can ‘GodBless the family ‘Prayers Michael ‘you will win !……