Newey: We will be talking about an engine formula in the early part of the season

Adrian Newey expects aero to play a bigger role later in the season

Adrian Newey expects aero to play a bigger role later in the season

Adrian Newey, the fabled designer of Red Bull’s troubled RB10, expects the early stages of the 2014 Formula 1 season to be dominated by the new V6 turbo engine (Power Unit) rules.

At Jerez last week, the reigning World Champions struggled even to run the new car due to problems in mating the Renault V6 turbo and related energy-recovery technology with Newey’s famously extreme aerodynamic packaging.

“At least in the early part of the season,” Newey is quoted by Autosprint, “we will be talking about an engine formula.”

“Reliability, power, fuel consumption – they will be decisive factors,” he added.¬†“The aerodynamics will only really count once these new V6s have matured.”

Sebastian Vettel during day one of testing at Jerez

Sebastian Vettel during day one of testing at Jerez

“But it has to be said that we are relying on the ‘power unit’ not only on Renault – there are many other suppliers.

“And each of them will have to adapt to the development speed of modern Formula 1,” said Newey.

The 55-year-old Briton is undoubtedly the most famous technical boffin in the Formula 1 paddock. He said that preparing for 2014 was “the biggest challenge of my career”.

“We had a small [development period] for such a complex car,” he admitted. (GMM)

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  • pitwall

    RBR cars have always had KERS problems. Hopefully kharma gives Vettel has some of the luck Webber used to have… Come on Daniel!!!!

  • McLarenfan

    Well now we know what the problem was with the KERS Adrian you should have let it breath and going on the fact they were taking a hole saw to the RB10 that has breathing problems too.

  • sunny stivala

    Looks like it going to be the biggest fall from grace ever in F1.

  • TheDudeson

    Red Bull = the Man United of F1 maybe…

  • Tamburello1994

    I’m not ready to call “flop” yet only because we’re talking about Newey.

    Good teams worked the problem.

  • F1 Fan For A Long Time

    I’m looking forward to the new season but I have a feeling that the champion will be as random as it was in 2009. Interesting to see if 10 cars can actually make it to the chequered flag in Australia. I’ll be in Thailand until April and I’m tempted to go to Melbourne, Malaysia or Bahrain from there but I feel I will miss the incredible noise from the older cars that used to truly blow me away at circuits.

  • McLarenfan

    Adrian Newey will get his head around this problem and will get the car to work it might not be as he wanted it to be in the beginning but it will be another work of art. Newey will not be beaten by rules as they stand he will adapt the RB10 I just think Renault might be the weak link at present.

  • jkc661

    You’re assuming it was just bad luck, The law or probability dictates that if it was purely down to luck , it would have been a more even distribution of faults.
    It was always very one sided … ” Kers again Mark ? “