Is Bernie losing the plot? He now hails the new Formula 1 turbo era…


Depending on the forum, Bernie Ecclestone has contradictory views about Formula 1’s new V6-powered era – after capturing headlines with his total disdain for the new turbo era, he has now done an about face and hailed the new technology.

Speaking to the specialist press at the pre-season test, the Formula 1 Chief Executive slammed the revolutionary new rules, milder engine tones and widespread technical failures at Jerez test as “a total farce”.

“The whole thing with the new engines is totally absurd. People want noise – something special, that’s what F1 is all about – and now we have quiet engines and nobody on the track.”

“Look at the last few days [here in Jerez]. I said it was going to be like this – a total farce. They insisted on these new engines. If they wanted to race like this they should go to Le Mans,” he declared angrily.


But in a vastly different forum, Ecclestone also has a vastly different opinion. In an official report revealing a fall in Formula 1’s global television audience last year, he hailed the incoming new era.

“It is timely developments like these that keep Formula 1 at the forefront of sustainable and relevant technology,” the report quoted Ecclestone.

“One thing I am sure of is that this coming season will not only offer a heightened level of unpredictability but renewed excitement and fierce competition,” he added. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Bernie loosing the plot is only being questioned now? He lost it years ago. He feels its perfectly acceptable to give bribes and kickbacks and doesnt understand why he has to go to court for it. These billionaires really believe they are gods and their way should not be questioned. He claims the teams demanded the new engines and he was against it. No he wasnt he could have stopped it at any time. He forced Pirelli to make fast wearing tyres then criticised them during the season for it. Bernie goes whichever way the wind blows he will blame anyone but himself. I cant wait till someone either jails him or removes him from any control of F1

  • Dean Craddock

    Bernie ‘The Bolt ‘ is doing what he always does, throwing comments out to see which way the wind blows. No one ever points out his contradictions, for fear of losing favour, so he continues to get away with it.

  • KevinW

    Bernie has outlived his value to the sport. Should have retired a decade ago after having acted the professional by mentoring a replacement. In stead, he’s left it all in the wind to serve his own narcissism.

  • Hugo Lafreniere

    What the bloody hell?

  • TheDudeson

    I think he talks so much garbage that at his age he forgets what he says to who

  • Mellow Jessica

    Frankly, it’s b/c of Bernie’s narcissism that F1 as a business and global entertainment property reached such stratospheric heights, and you as a fan should be grateful for all that he’s deigned to do for us.

    When Bernie is finally gone (hopefully to Heaven, ie – a better place), I >guarantee< that w/in a year opinion-markers/shapers like GP24/7 will pine for F1 under Ecclestone's rule, as this sport slides into decline to become the equivalent of competitive cheerleading in stature and revenue…


  • Meltdown Man

    He’s totally lost the plot if he really thinks that Azerbaijan is a credible venue for a Grand Prix. That’s it; time’s up Bernie…someone please call in the men in the white coats…