Ericsson: I can’t chop off a leg to lose weight so instead I won’t be eating burgers

Marcus Ericsson in the cockpit of the Caterham CT05

Marcus Ericsson in the cockpit of the Caterham CT05

Swedish rookie Marcus Ericsson has kicked off his Formula 1 career with a diet after revealing that his engineers have tasked him with losing weight before Melbourne.

“They haven’t said I need to be any particular weight,” said the 23-year-old who will make his grand prix debut with Caterham in Australia next month, “but I’ll go down as much as I can, ensuring that I can still race for two hours.”

Eurosport reported that Ericsson, 180cm tall and 69 kilograms, has entered a diet programme with a specialist Italian clinic renowned for helping single-seater drivers lose weight.

“We will work closely making sure I am at the right [weight],” he said, “as you still need the highest concentration for two hours.

Marcus Ericsson during Jerez testing

Marcus Ericsson during Jerez testing

“It is extremely hot and with high G-forces, so it’s impossible to be a skeleton. I won’t be eating burgers for lunch and dinner but I still need to eat, because I train hard every day.”

Ericsson lamented the situation in Formula 1, where a significant increase in the weight of the cars for 2014 has not been greeted with a corresponding minimum weight-limit change.

“It’s a shame that the FIA and Formula 1 can’t just make a decision and increase the weight by 10kg,” he said. “Then it wouldn’t be a big deal and everyone would have the same opportunities.

“But what can you do? I can’t chop off a leg. Three kilos is a tenth per lap in this game, and my teammate (Kamui Kobayashi) is 7 or 8kg lighter than me.” (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    There is no limit to the stupidity of the FIA and its absurd rules. They know the weight thing is ridiculous yet they wont do anything about it till 2015 just to save face and pretend they arent making themselves look the fools we know they are. I cant wait for the era of Jean Turd and Billionaire Bernie to be at an end. F1 cant recover as long as these two clowns continue unchallenged.

  • frontline99

    To me, this whole minimum weight thing is absurd. To force your athletes into what is essentially monitored anorexia is insane. I suppose we’ll have to wait until a driver gets seriously injured before we see some change.

  • pitwall

    To be competitive in a Catherham you will need to weigh exactly 2.6 kg…