Button: We’ll be quicker than GP2, but not that much quicker

Jenson Button during Jerez testing

Jenson Button during Jerez testing

Jenson Button believes that in the first season of the all new V6 turbo Formula 1 era the cars will not be much quicker than the GP2 feeder series.

Button, who topped the testing times on day two at Jerez at the wheel of the McLaren MP4-29, said, “We’ll be quicker [than GP2], but not that much quicker. Then again, it was the first test with a very new package. They’ll be a lot closer on certain circuits.”

“Last year, in terms of the regulations, things [had] hardly changed at all so at the first test we were going to be quite quick, and you improve for the first race, but it wasn’t a massive chunk.”

Jenson Button was ended day two in Jerez fastest of all

Jenson Button was ended day two in Jerez fastest of all

“Whereas now, when we get to the first race, everyone is going to be much quicker, and three races in, there’ll be another chunk in terms of laptime.”

“By the end of the year we might not be that far off [the pace of 2013 cars], maybe a couple of seconds, which will be pretty good when we get a real handle on where we are.”

“This year’s tyres, we think, are half a second slower. The cars are also heavier, about one to 1.2 seconds through weight, so that’s 1.6, 1.8 seconds already from those two changes.

“So this year we were always going to be slower,” concluded the 2009 World Champion.

Button’s teammate Kevin Magnussen set the fastest time of 1.23.276 during the four days at Jerez, which compares to Felipe Massa’s best time of 1.17.879 a year earlier at the wheel of a Ferrari.

The GP2 lap record around Jerez stands at 1:24.262, set by Kamui Kobayashi in 2008. (GP247)

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  • farizY

    A lot of fastest lap times from 2004 still stands. And that’s 10 years ago. I thought F1 was supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport? Being fast (while maintaining safety) ticks one of the boxes as The motorsport to look up to. Current gen cars, they’re not slow, but isn’t fast either. Hopefully lap times improve quickly.

  • Tamburello1994

    I suppose if the racing’s competitive most folks will ignore the lap times – but how long will that honeymoon last? Then there’s the media – They wont forget. Every qualy and race, comparing the times from last year F1 and GP2. That could get ugly – ‘specially at places like Monza and Spa.

    What did they expect from a six cylinder anyway?

  • karlich

    To be fair though, that’s not the power unit’s fault. The PU delivers roughly the same grunt with far more poke at lower RPM. Can’t remember who it was who said that straight line speed is expected to increase this year. However, several new rules were adopted that affect the aerodynamic package – and several drivers stated just that: the cars are slow in corners. Either way, I think they’ll catch up with aerodynamics and until then, we shall have close racing either way :)

  • Tamburello1994

    Gonna take me a bit to get used to this “PU” coming from the V12 and V10 era. Glory days.

    Hoping they figure out the aero “PDQ”.

  • McLarenfan

    The powers that be say they are faster on the strait the blown defuser gave them speed through the corners so that is the main part they have to claw back the corner entry and exit speed will be also slowed by the break by wire system and the torque on the exit