Symonds has sympathy for troubles at Lotus

Pat Symonds with Flavio Briatore in 2009

Pat Symonds with Flavio Briatore in 2009

Williams technical boss Pat Symonds, a former long-time personality at Enstone based F1 team Lotus, says he has sympathy for the struggles that his former colleagues are currently enduring.

Symonds, who returned to Formula 1 with Williams, after serving his ‘crash-gate ban’, dismissed suggestions to the effect thatLotus might have made a wise move in sitting out the Jerez test and learning from their rivals’ tribulations.

“No, absolutely not,” said Symonds, who worked at Enstone throughout its Toleman, Benetton and works Renault guises from the early 80s until forced by his FIA ban to leave F1.

“I don’t think Lotus have done it out of choice,” he told Sky Sports HD at Jerez.

“I think the whole pitlane has some sympathy for their situation,” said Symonds, undoubtedly referring to speculation that Lotus’ financial troubles of 2013 are now affecting their preparations for the new season.

Symonds also said that he thinks that novel ‘twin-pronged’ nose solution of the team’s as yet unlaunched E22 is legal.

“Lotus have been haemorrhaging employees from all departments over the last few months, so I think all of the teams had an idea of where they were going,” he added.

Also speaking at Jerez, Ferrari refugee Felipe Massa hinted that he opted to go to Williams for 2014 because his other main option, Lotus, was “losing people”.

“Lotus…are losing many engineers, and that shows that the situation is not so easy,” the Brazilian, who made his debut in the Mercedes-powered FW36 on Thursday, told Formula 1’s official website.

“Williams is investing – the other team is not investing.” (GMM)

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  • spornbot

    Lotus just can’t seem to be able to do anything right lately. Oh well, at least we get to see how many cars Crashtor Malfunctionaldo will destroy this season. I’m guessing 6.
    If Lotus weren’t bankrupt this year, they will be at the end of the season as they spent all their money on replacing Crashtor’s wrecks.

  • lawl


    Nothing to be added. Good bye, Lotus.

  • Boycottthebull

    With Renault cars going up in flames and barely getting any laps it it would appear Lotus did the right thing to save its money and stay home. Massa is full of it if he claims he chose Willians because Lotus were loosing people, at that point they had only lost the usual that goes on with team and driver swapping. Claiming now that was his reason is blowing his own trumpet he was desperate to get a seat, and he even admitted Lotus was the one he was hoping for most. I love how drivers, team principles, Bernie and the FIA rewrite history to make themselves look better.