Sauber: An accident left us short of the planned mileage

Adrian Sutil - Sauber C33

Adrian Sutil – Sauber C33

Adrian Sutil took over the wheel of the Sauber C33-Ferrari for the first time today. He was happy to be in a car again and work with a new team. Unfortunately an accident ended the day an hour early for the team.

  • Circuit: Jerez de la Frontera / 4.428 km
  • Driver: Adrian Sutil
  • Weather: sunny, air 10-16 C, track 11-22 C
  • Chassis / engine: C33-01 / Ferrari
  • Laps today: 34 laps, 150.552 km
  • Fastest lap: 1:30.161 min

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering: “There is always a lot to learn when a driver who is new in the team jumps in the car for the first time. Adrian was no exception, so on one side it was enjoyable to start the work on track with him, and on the other it was another busy day with its highs and lows. The experience we are accruing, mostly on the Power Unit and brake-by-wire system side, is very valuable in preparation for the season. However we had some delays, and eventually an accident left us short of the planned mileage. It was a number of factors coming together that led to this incident. We will work hard overnight to repair everything and be ready for more testing tomorrow.”

Adrian Sutil: “It was nice to be back in a car, as well as in a different team for the first time. It was a pleasure, and the team has done a fantastic job to get the C33 ready. It is very different to drive, as it has much more torque and sounds different. It’s very quiet, but the power is definitely there. It’s early on, so the systems are not always working exactly as they should. But we did a few decent runs. Our biggest issue was the brake-by-wire system, so we still need to work on that. Also to get a feeling for the tyres is quite tricky. The Hard tyre is very hard, so it is going to be a big challenge to make them work. Towards the end of the session we did a few installation laps. On the last one the tyres lost a lot of temperature, it caught me by surprise when I accelerated out of the corner, shifting up from third to fourth on a straight line, and suddenly the car snapped and I went off. It’s all repairable but it  will be a long night.”

What comes next: Adrian Sutil will be driving the Sauber C33-Ferrari for the final day of testing tomorrow. (Sauber)

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  • StevetheGreat

    Maybe Medion will

  • StevetheGreat

    … pay a liitle extra everytime Sutil makes a silly mistake, lol.

    Not sure why that ^^ didn’t go all as a single post.

  • Boycottthebull

    Sutil crashed on his first day out, who would have guessed. The track wasnt even full of cars or racing. I wonder how many others with be skewered on that point nose of his sauber this season?

  • RBC

    I have to agree here. Sauber have taken an idiot with some cash. There were other financially supported drivers with more talent and speed than this idiot. Why didn’t they take one of them?

    So this year it will be Gutierez who can’t drive to save himself, running at the back, and Sutil running at the middle, crashing into other cars on the opening few laps or the middle of the race.

  • rex

    Sauber has a real racing heritage going back over 20 years with drivers like Frentzen, Schumacher(sportscars Mercedes), Raikkonen, ..Why are they giving these turkeys a drive when there are guys like Davide Valsecchi without a drive..I hate this pay driver stuff!