Ricciardo: Adrian Newey has gone back to the drawing board definitely

Daniel Ricciardo witht he stricken Red Bull RB10 on day three at Jerez

Daniel Ricciardo witht he stricken Red Bull RB10 on day three at Jerez

The headline grabbing problems Red Bull have faced at Jerez have plunged the team into a crisis which according to Daniel Ricciardo has prompted Adrian Newey to return to base and get back to the drawing board to resolve the issues that have plagued the RB10.

A day after Sebastian Vettel departed Jerez early, with a mere 11 laps to his credit over two days, Ricciardo suffered a similar plight on his first day in the world champion team’s new car. He only managed three laps on day three in southern Spain.

Ricciardo told reporters afterwards, “Adrian has gone back to the drawing board definitely, because there is only so much they can do at the track. He is pretty happy working in his office back at Milton Keynes and will definitely be getting involved, trying to sort out the next step.”

Adrian Newey at Jerez

Adrian Newey at Jerez

The world champion team have worked around the clock to try resolve what is being described as a ‘Renault energy store problem’ which has struck all the Renault powered teams and it appears that there is no quick fix.

“They assume it is going to be something that they will have to go back to the factory and sort it all out. But at the same time they are trying and hoping that a quicker fix is ready for tomorrow. We will see,” said Ricciardo. “For nearly 36 hours they pretty much have worked on the car to try to get it running. We’re a bit unsure right now…”

For now the Australian is not panicking, “We have still got a lot of time. Time is on our side still. Even if we go to Melbourne still a bit whatever… it is a long season. These guys know how to win, that is important. I am sure sooner rather than later we will get it all together. It is still really early days.”

Daniel Ricciardo with race engineer Simon Rennie

Daniel Ricciardo with race engineer Simon Rennie

Earlier Red Bull’s race engineering co-ordinator Andy Damerum explained what went wrong on day three, “We worked hard yesterday to make the changes it was felt were necessary to overcome the problems we identified and we were hopeful of a more successful day today. Unfortunately, the measures we took only partially solved the issue and, as with yesterday, it’s more sensible to stop and dig deeper into finding a solution.”

Ricciardo is due to spend the final day, of testing at Jerez, on duty in the cockpit of the RB10, provided they can get it to run more than a lap or two. (GP247)

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  • DickDastardly

    i thought for just a split second that the person who got out the broken car war mark webber :L

  • captain tortuga

    yehyehyeh, troubles for RB!

    Of course the unlimited resources will mean that they catch up durig the season, but thats playing catch up. And following the tests today, Merc and Ferrari have a big headstart by now. Merc engines are running more than race-distance and also the Ferrari engines look strong, but Renault is nowhere to be seen.

    Unlike it says in the charts here, Chilton actually finished more 5-6 installationlaps, ranking the RB straight on the bottom today.

    We all know it is testing and we cant read a lot into it, but the McL looks very strong, and also Williams and MB-works are looking strong, as are Ferrari. The rest seems to be bringing water to sea at the moment..

  • Hugo

    What a dumb quote. The problems have nothing to do with the car, but the power unit, Renault having even admitted to it.

    What on Earth can Newey do to improve the engine and the way its various electronics components «communicate» with each other?

    That’s right, NOTHING.

  • Nowhereman

    Let me interpret it for you.

    1. RB has Renault problems that only Renault can fix.
    2.RB has seen the other cars designs now.
    3. Newey is happy to go back and re design stuff based on his review of other cars.
    4. The Renault issue has given him time to do this.

  • Krunksoft

    @Nowhereman – Great points! That pretty much sums it up really.

  • Anna

    Why would Newey redesign stuff when they don’t know if it works yet? It might be a very good car with a problem engine. They need to sort the engine before they can see if the total package is good, bad or ugly.

  • Karlich

    I might add that while Renault have admitted power unit problems, it has also been rumored that Renault aren’t particularly pleased with the way these were integrated by RBR – so maybe Newey does have to redesign some bits and bobs to come forward a little bit and help Renault get things sorted. Either way, I am sure they’ll be fine.

  • Karlich

    Anna – there are extremely many electrical parts running in these power units now. One of the big challenges besides volumetric packaging and cooling, is electromagnetic interference. Now Newey is quite fond of certain designs and it is a possibility that Renault’s unit hasn’t been packaged up the way all these components would need to perform at their best or at all. Other Renault teams have been struggling much the same, though RB10 was hit especially hard suggesting that it may be an issue in direct relation with the RB10 and the Renault power unit.

    As for further redesign – I am certain the RB10 we were shown is just an intermediary milestone release of their design and they have many more changes waiting to be put through their paces in CFD and the wind tunnel plus Bahrain. Come Melbourne, there will be even more change – possibly influenced by some of the designs nipped from their competitors.

  • BS

    Hugo & Anna…

    “The technical rumour mill in the paddock suggests that Renault is less than pleased with Red Bull’s installation of the control electronics in its 2014 car.

    Changing an installation like this is not easy because there simply is not any spare space left over in a car, which means if this is at the root of the problem Red Bull will almost certainly have to make a fix work with what space it has.”

  • Are you kidding me ?

    bs you nail it , I’m sure that they do , have a plan B

  • RBC

    Loving seeing Red Bull fail.

  • bobw

    RBC-I love seeing all the other teams fail like they have for the past four years. I am not signing Red Bulls death warrant this early and you would be wise to not do the same.

  • StevetheGreat

    Since when does Newey write software for Renault???

    Lol you kids… It’d be funny if ignorance didn’t literally make the world worse.

  • Robin ducker

    I think those that say its just the engine and those that say its just the packaging are wrong. It’s both
    All of the Renault power teams are struggling. So it’s the engine
    All off the Reault power teams have had smoking chassis. So it’s the packaging.
    This is really serious for these teams, but RBR is by far the worst off because their package is tighter than the rest and I think we can see that Newey has gone against Renaults advice in a number of areas. RBR struggled with ordinary KERS but now they are dealing with one that is 10 times more powerful, so Adrian might need to rethink his inability to compromise before the season goes up in smoke too. That is, though, depending on Renault too. Big trouble

  • BS

    “Beyond those issues that Toro Rosso and Caterham have encountered, Red Bull is suffering from severe overheating problems that are resulting in parts burning.
    It is understood the overheating is a legacy of the aggressive packaging of the car, with modifications by both Red Bull and Renault almost certainly needing to be made in time for Bahrain.”

  • Brave_Heart

    #banging head while reading some intellects here..

    So, here is what i’ve established so far

    Any news post that contains the word Redbull or Ferrari or Vettel or Alonso or Newey, majority seems to think the following;

    -Vettel is God
    -Alonso should apply for photocopier job
    -Newey is the only one in this world with brain
    -Ferrari should seriously start making bicycles instead of F1 cars
    -Redbull should be given WCC/WDC for next 100 years like bernie got F1
    -Horner can turn any team into champions, even the team isnt competing in any sort of competition
    -Common sense is not so common here
    -Accepting that Redbull has done a piss poor job this year, is not an option, although believing Saddam hussain having weapon of mass destruction was the easiest thing in the world

    I am baffled by some of you folks mental level! utterly baffled.

  • bobw

    Brave_Heart – Thanks for insulting everyone’s intelligence but your own because obviously intellect escapes you. I hear skin cream is good for those nasty cuts and scratches you obtain from dragging your knuckles on the ground everywhere you go. Do try to avoid rough pavement.

  • farizY


    Wow, I’m baffled by your ability to analysed stuff and all negative towards RB!! Congrats!! (no positives at all?)
    Anyway, you win some, you lose some, maybe this year isn’t RB’s year, but too early to tell though.

  • Elf

    Brave_Heart, you’ve bravely said from your heart… And the mind bravely too?

  • Brave_Heart


    No offense taken! as i dont think i ever pointed someone in particular but others failed to do so as a result of one of my rare port!

    I dont hate redbull at all, nor i am in love with Ferrari/fernando!

    as i clear myself and try to flick that mud outta my finger!.. All i meant was that time changes, trend changes, everything build around time changes, thats why we get weather, days, night, seasons, life, new faces, new thoughts. i sense/believe that this new year brings the end to another one of dominance period by a team, as it happened to…omg so many teams!

    my point is, with one set of rules, being constant for 5-6 years, bulls were able to win pretty much everything, then rule changes, are they going to save their legacy by staying in winning circle? or staying anywhere near it? something that great teams have done in past, even after rule changes. I see williams winning even after rules were changed completely, I see Mclaren did it number of times, I always find ferrari keeping themselves in a winning circle, what i am yet to see is RedBull doing the same!

    you win, you feel good about it.. you take all the praise you show a character, this help you getting fan base.

  • Brave_Heart

    continuing to last post…… (accidentally press enter)

    but when you lose, you need nothing but same character, as when you took credit for winning, take blame as well! dont say my engine is not prepared, or not good.. you got same time to build the car as Williams, Saubar, Force india (All using customer engine)… if they can sort out the motor provided by someone else and make it work! and you dont… what does it tell you? be honest for once with yourself!

  • Brave_Heart

    Ohh and no offence once again! I do admire all of you sharing yoru thoughts, healthy arguments, right upto a point when instead of discussing the subject and respecting freedom of speech.. Some of us start bashing others directly as if they ever see each other, there will be blood bath..

    Fans of one particular energy drink race car builder and its drivers, seems to be usual suspects for me so far…

    Happy day

  • AlsoRan

    @Brave Heart

    Glad I’m not part of the majority.
    Think I’ll just stick with F1.

  • Ali

    I think Renault & RB are hustling again. Surely they would have problems as much as any other big team, maybe even a tad more. But I don’t think they are in as big a trouble as they would like us believe.

  • Red Horizon

    Probably is true that Red Bull is also suffering from severe overheating problems that are resulting in parts burning.This is not new, many of the cars designed by Newey in the past have had this problem, which is also a consequence of the aerodynamic development of the car itself. As well as for the problem of alternators. So it’s not just a problem of Renault. I’d really like to see Red Bull burns its five permitted engines in the first five races.

  • Karlich

    Brave_Heart – where do you get this stuff? Red Bull are well aware of the fact that they had equal opportunity as other teams and as far as I know haven’t said anything like “we had less time than others”. They simply stated that they had less time based on their decision to develop last year’s car late in to the season. So they’re not blaming others, scapegoating or excusing themselves – they’re just stating facts of the status quo.

    As for loosing and character – they haven’t lost yet so what’s your point? Character? What are you referring to? Vettel’s character or the team’s collective character?

    Staying in the winning circle – given the short life of Red Bull Racing, I’d say they stayed in the winning circle fifty-fifty 😉 As far as I can tell, you are the only one who looks up to some teams as the gods of F1 – they are, no doubt. They’ve been around for decades and they’ve made the sport what it is. But may I still remind you that even these Gods had dry spells where they were quite adrift of winning circles: Ferrari’s 10 year dry spell in the late 60’s til 70’s or their 20 year dry spell in the 80’s throughout the 90’s. Williams hasn’t won a championship in 16 years! So please, don’t count your eggs just yet – maybe this will be the first season to end Red Bull’s dominance of the last 4 years, but that’s too early to say right now and it’s most certainly too early to say anything about their long term membership in the “winning circle”.