Red Bull engine troubles continue as Ricciardo’s first day in the RB10 ends early

Daniel Ricciardo walks away from the stricken Red Bull RB10

Daniel Ricciardo walks away from the stricken Red Bull RB10

Red Bull’s nightmares at the season opening Jerez test session continued unabated, as Daniel Ricciardo’s first day in the RB10 came to an early end due to the ongoing “Renault energy stor[age]” problem, while energy drinks billionaire team owner Dietrich Mateschitz looked on.

Shortly after noon local time, the Red Bull RB10 of Ricciardo coasted to a stop as it came out the pitlane with a wisp of smoke coming out the rear. Ricciardo jumped out and that was that for another day – only three laps on the board.

Shortly thereafter the team pulled the plug on day three, “Despite intense work overnight to correct the issues that caused the team to halt it’s programme early yesterday, Infiniti Red Bull Racing had to again cease track activities this afternoon.”

Daniel Ricciardo speaks to Christian Horner and Dietrich Mateschitz

Daniel Ricciardo speaks to Christian Horner and Dietrich Mateschitz

A day earlier World Champion Sebastian Vettel also packed up early. He left Spain, with a mere 11 laps covered in two days.

“Daniel Ricciardo completed a handful of laps in the RB10 before issues similar to yesterday’s forced him to stop. The team will now spend the remainder of today investigating the causes in order to ready the RB10 for tomorrow.”

Race Engineering Co-ordinator Andy Damerum said, “We worked hard yesterday to make the changes it was felt were necessary to overcome the problems we identified and we were hopeful of a more successful day today. Unfortunately, the measures we took only partially solved the issue and, as with yesterday, it’s more sensible to stop and dig deeper into finding a solution.”

“It’s obviously not where we want to be and naturally the whole team is frustrated by these issues. However, we’re pretty good at bouncing back from this type of thing. This is where the whole team pulls together and I’m sure we will get these problems fixed,” added Damerum. (Red Bull)

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  • paul thailand

    It could possibly be the car Mark Webber had last year. Lol

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    Paul almost scrapped my pants laughing. They should stick to making fizzy beverages.

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    How stupid are you for laughing???they have win 4 world titles in a row!

  • Matthew

    They’ll probably just stick to smashing everybody.

  • Krunksoft

    As a Red Bull fan I’m actually excited that they have a massive taste of failure right now LOOOOONG before the season starts. I’m even more excited about the season because it’s all up for grabs and we all know it. This is gonna be a fun season. Mecerdes clearly got it right with their power unit and I think Ferrari is not far behind.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Hahaha! Life is great right now. Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari are doing good right now. I knew they gave him mark’s car. They have a thing about aussies im afraid. Everyone knows ricciardo is going to be number 2 and the equel treatment is a big load of german rubbish.

  • RBC

    @paul thailand, funniest post so far this year!

  • farizY

    I see a pattern here, some fans hate teams that dominates (and some fans hate Germans). Well, you can’t win them all do you? 4 straight titles and this so called fans still discredit them. Well, you can’t please everyone.
    Reg change please, and hey presto. We got a winner.

  • Jochen Peiper

    @farizY – this is so foolish what you are saying, to make accuse the hating of Germans?! Don’t be such a cucumber!

    The Vettel has barely even speaking in German most of the time – he is more like and Englishman than most Top Gear fans! Besides, Red Bull is Austrian, and Renault is French.

    Stop the spreading of such foolish hate. Next you will be saying we all do the quenelle because we are for Hague!