Marussia makes it to the test and expects to run on Thursday

Formula One Testing Preparations, Jerez, Spain, Monday 27 January 2014.

While some Formula 1 teams struggled to get their 2014 cars working in pre-season testing on Wednesday, tail-enders Marussia suffered a breakdown before they had even got their Ferrari powered challengers to the Jerez circuit.

The Russian-owned team had kept the cars back in their central England factory to fix problems that emerged shortly before they were due to be dispatched to southern Spain last weekend.

One car finally arrived on Wednesday, on a trailer towed by a van, after a journey across the English Channel and down through France that started on Tuesday morning.

“The van actually broke down just south of Seville just to add to the drama,” a relieved John Booth told Reuters.

Marussia are the last of the 11 teams to reveal their car, although Lotus – absent from the Jerez test – have only released a computer-generated image, and Booth, Team Principal to beleagured Marussia assured fans that they would “like what they saw”.

The Formula 1 cars seen so far have been a mixed bag, with some sporting ‘ugly’ noses to meet new regulations and others like the Red Bull presenting a far more elegant front end.

“You will be amazed how pretty it is,” Booth said of his car, which he hoped would be able to get out on track on Thursday morning.

He recognised that his mechanics had a long night ahead.

“The systems are so complicated, I think it took everybody two days from finishing the car to firing it up,” he explained.

Despite the hurdles, with many more sure to come on the track, he said that it was essential to be at the test.

“There is so much new on the car that we don’t even start to understand yet,” he concluded. (Reuters)

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  • Matthew

    Well? lets see it!

  • Hugo

    «The Formula 1 cars seen so far have been a mixed bag». Huh, no, they are all ugly as sin.

    As for Marussia… man, their van can’t even make it. Imagine their car. Please… leave.