Grenoble doctor confirms Schumacher awakening reports

michael schumacher crash

It appears that there is at least some substance to widespread reports that doctors are now trying to resuscitate Michael Schumacher from his month-long induced coma.

The seven time world champion’s spokesperson Sabine Kehm played down as “speculation” on Wednesday, after the French sports daily L’Equipe said that Schumacher, 45, had entered a recovery phase in which the medical team at Grenoble hospital would begin to ease the anaesthesia.

L’Equipe said that the awakening process, which could take several days and even weeks, actually began on Tuesday, led by the Grenoble doctor Emmanuel Gay.

The report said that Schumacher had initially “responded positively” to the process.

Actually, L’Equipe was not the first to report the story, after the respected Le Journal de Dimanche said on Sunday that the beginnings of the awkening process had been set.

Crucially, the stories were reportedly confirmed by the Grenoble neurosurgeon Stephan Chabardes, according to French radio RMC, and BFMTV television.

Germany’s Welt newspaper asked Kehm about Chabardes’ reported confirmation, but Schumacher’s manager referred only to her recent media statement about “speculation”.

Bild newspaper reported that a new memo was sent to all employees at the treating Grenoble hospital, warning them not to disclose information “about the patient M Schumacher”.

L’Equipe Deputy Chief Editor Jeremie Arbona, however, told Bild: “We cannot disclose our sources, of course, but they are reliable.”

No matter what the truth is, Schumacher’s situation remains severe. A leading German neurosurgeon, Andreas Ferbert, is quoted by the newsmagazine Focus: “Doctors put a patient in a coma for three or four weeks only when the condition of the brain is very serious. Four weeks [for an induced coma] is a very long time.” (GMM)

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  • sarahsdadjeff

    My prayers are that Michael will come out of this just fine. Very trying times for the family. Goodspeed Michael. Best Wishes.

  • alexduduman

    @J.danek: you are a true moron. Even if you hate M.S. as a person and hated him as a driver, you can’t make fun knowing his situation. It’s something you cannot wish even to your worst enemy.

  • rxracer

    No particular fan of MS, but J.danek, that’s one of the most horribly disgusting comments I’ve ever read from a human being. Did it make you feel good? I never wish people ill will, but you…… well, the world certainly wont miss you.

  • caoguowei

    Well, J.danek was probably tortured and traumatized at childhood so he is full of hate

  • Tyr

    Danek is probably a small child.

    I personally really don’t like Schumacher, but even I refrain from criticising him in these trying times.

    That post above not only shows undecency in mature etiquette but a very low intelligence aswell, that’s why it’s probably written by a small child.

  • Jaycee

    J.danek you are a moron and should be banned from media sites until you learn the basic human manners of decency.
    Whilst I have never liked Herr Schumacher he is actually a very good man with all the things he does for charity and will I hope recover from this and again lead a normal and full life as everyone else also hopes I believe.
    You on the other hand well maybe if something so devastating should happen to you I can only hope for your sake they don’t forget to feed the meter for your life support.

  • o’ferrari

    I have his ip address. Latitude and longitude. Searching for access times to narrow search.

    Hello JD. I can see you.

  • Pat Henderson

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  • Pat Henderson

    J Danes you are nothing , never will be, you will never achieve anything so get on with your waste of a life.

  • sarahsdadjeff

    o’ferrari keep up the good work. I, having never been one to promote violence, but in this instance of this J Danek puke really needs to be pummeled. Grabbing attention would be my guess. A very small and sadistic mind. Forza Michael.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I don’t care if he is a small child – then his parents deserve the ass beating.

    Keep us in the loop on what you find O’. Would be great if it was in my part of the world. Somewhere down the line this punk-ass will receive their comeuppance.

    Woe to you, J Danek. Woe to you.

  • McLarenfan

    You can run but you can’t hide you low life.
    You are below the lowest single celled mindless moron, saying what you have about Michael is disgusting. I wasn’t a fan of Michael from the Benetton days I respected his time at Ferrari but when he came back with Mercedes-Benz he became more human and I saw a better side of him, I am willing him to recover and I pray he can do it. J.danek Heed my words if you continue saying the vile things you have, fans of Michael will find you living in your mothers basement chewing donuts and you will not like the outcome.

  • McLarenfan

    Keep up the good work this scum needs scraping off the planet.
    @Tamburello_1994: I agree he needs some lessons in humanity drilling in to his D N A.

  • sarahsdadjeff

    Mclarenfan I tip my Michael cap to you…Well said. Forza Michael.

  • Editor

    Danek has been banned for life from commenting on here
    If it slips in elsewhere in GP247 comments do let us know
    I would personally punch the scumbag in the face if ever I had the misfortune of meeting it.

  • rxracer

    o’ferrari – I feel similarly to sarahsdadjeff. This j.danek is genuinely testing my view that most everyone deserves the right to breath the same air. I’m still astounded at what he said. If you’re willing to share info on him, maybe we can see what he says in person. No back alley bashing (though it is tempting. One of the VERY few times in my life). Just want to see how a coward like this reacts in real life when confronted by someone with balls who brings him up on his words. I know it prolly wont ever happen, but i WOULD love to hear about him wetting his pants.

  • sarahsdadjeff

    Editor I believe this J danek also posts under the banner of JD Thanks for looking out.Keep up the good work.

  • sarahsdadjeff

    Editor I believe this J danek also posts under the banner of JD Thanks for looking out.Keep up the good work..

  • RBC

    Quality work editor.

  • the fan

    is Danek the same as that moron JD?

  • Don’t get lost in the ranting of one poster

    Most of you have fallen into that posters trap, he wants attention and you all are giving it to them by the bucket full.

    As for Schumacher, there is a long way to go. His management team has been anything but truthful the past three weeks. Schumacher’s condition is critical and no one knows if he will wake up or not and if he does he may never be the same.

    His management team has done a terrible job on this matter.

    If they did not want to release anything they should have been up front at the start and stated that there would be no press releases. Instead they have played little games and shoveled out half truths and twisted things to what they wanted them to say.

    The doctors have to make a decision to wake him as keeping someone in an induced coma to long creates other risks and they reached that point already.

    I do not expect Schumacher to make a full recovery from the description of his brain injuries.

    There was a story in the news just this week about a man who as a child was involved in a car crash and remained in a coma for 31 years. His family took care of him and took him with them on vacations and such but that person never did recover from their coma. He just passed away.

    The impact Schumacher took to his head was very severe. There have been knuckle heads blaming the helmet already, but the helmet did its job. People die from falling off the second step of a latter, Schumacher took a much harder hit than that.

    People die from the fall of a stationary motorcycle just from the height of the seat to the ground. The point is Schumacher has suffered a very traumatic brain injury. He is not a god nor is he superman. He is human just like you and me and he is not immune to the dangers of life.

    Only time will tell how this ends.

  • Hugo

    So the media reports it, the family denies it as speculation, then has no choice but to admit it, saying they denied it «because it was not completely underway» or something. These people need a better PR guy.

    Don’t they realize that people around the world care about MS? And this is why they crave updates about him?

    They won’t make things better by lying angrily to those who wants news about him.

  • McLarenfan

    Thank you for your prompt response to my email.
    I also feel the same way his face should be rearranged.

  • torque

    Hoping it goes well from here on Michael.