FIA F1 chief Whiting says clever Lotus front nose is legal

Lotus E22 front end

Lotus E22 front end

Lotus’ innovative double-pronged, dual length, nose solution for their 2014 Formula 1 has been declared legal by the FIA’s Charlie Whiting.

The solution is even clearly assymetrical, apparently only to slip through a loophole in the rules, but whether the ‘spirit’ of the regulations has been adhered to is less clear.

However, the FIA’s technical chief and race director Whiting, who unlike Lotus, is present at the Jerez test, said the E22 is “legal”.

“The structure has withstood the crash tests and the concept adheres to the letter of the law,” the Briton is quoted by France’s Auto Hebdo.

“The approach is – without a doubt – different, but it is legitimate,” Whiting declared.

“They presented the concept in the summer, and we did not find anything wrong with it. On the contrary, it is a very clever interpretation of the rules,” he added.

The varying nose solutions up and down pitlane have attracted many column inches since the launch season began, but Ferrari’s James Allison said that the design of the very tip of the car is “not so crucial”.

“There are many concepts that work, and ours is one of them,” he said, referring to Ferrari’s more conservative solution that has been likened to a ‘vacuum cleaner’. (GMM)

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  • Hawk

    good. I love Lotus’ engineers. they have consistently proven their worth.

    did he say summer? does james allison ring a bell? how it works is another matter altogether.

  • Boycottthebull

    The nose has been declared totally legitimate and legal by the man himself and there are still some crapping on about not being in the spirit of the rules? What does that even mean anyways? Its allowed or its not! What spirit or tradition do these rules even have? There hasnt even been a race with them yet to build any tradition or spirit.

  • RBC

    Red Bull said there are no “spirit” of the rules. I wonder if they will protest this nose? I wonder if they will magically win?

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Spirit of the rules? Wtf? So Red Bulls rubber nose was also not in the spirit of the rules even though it was illegal but i assume they bribbed someone to let them keep it. Adrian newey must be furious he cant come up with nothing unlike lotus and mclaren. Those 2 teams need all the help they can get.

  • Hugo

    If red Bull, of all teams, invoked the spirit of the rules, I swear I’d ban the team from the championship.

  • LOL


    cant come up with nothing? what? I can’t even begin to understand why an above average poster such as yourself would let that by.

  • Steve W

    I’ve been under the impression that Whiting does not have the final say-so as to whether something is legal or not. He can only offer his opinion. Am I wrong?