Ferrari interested in innovative McLaren suspension

McLaren MP4-29 rear diffuser and exhaust detail

McLaren MP4-29 rear diffuser and exhaust detail

An innovative rear suspension system on McLaren’s new F1 car, first seen in testing this week, has intrigued rivals amid talk of the team having a potential ‘secret weapon’.

“I haven’t seen it in the flesh but I’d like to see a bit more of it because it does look interesting,” Ferrari technical director James Allison told reporters after McLaren’s Jenson Button topped the second day’s timesheets.

“But I’ve just seen some blurry pictures on websites at the moment.” (Editor’s Note: Mr. Allison is obviously going to the wrong websites, someone please send him a link to

Photographs of the MP4-29 car showed aerodynamically-profiled ‘blockers’ seemingly shrouding the rear suspension.

Ex F1 designer Gary Anderson, writing a technical analysis on the Autosport website, said thatthe concept should give more downforce at low speed and also reduce drag at high speed and appeared perfectly legal.

“This makes it a double whammy, giving you more downforce under braking and in slower corners and less drag at high speed,” he wrote.

“This could be McLaren’s secret weapon because, if it does work, it is not something that can be copied in five minutes as it is dependent on a number of design parameters at the rear of the car.”

F1 is going through major change this year, with a new V6 turbo ‘PU’ and complex energy recovery systems.

At the same time, changes have been introduced that limit aerodynamic downforce with lower noses and smaller rear wings and tighter controls on exhaust exits.

McLaren had a miserable 2013 season, failing to secure a single podium finish, ending up fifth overall in the Constructors’ Championship.

Since then, former Team Principal Ron Dennis has regained overall control and is carrying out a restructuring of senior management with former Lotus Team Principal Eric Boullier recruited as Racing Director.

Button is partnered this year by Danish hotshot Kevin Magnussen, son of former racer Jan, who won the Formula Renault 3.5 series last year. (Reuters)

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  • McLarenfan

    This is what F1 is about “Newey has said several times”.
    Free thinking individuals bringing new thoughts to overcome the boundary set by the rule makers.

  • Taskmaster

    What a load of crap. The rear suspension acting as an aerodynamic device is just that. The idea that it was sold as part of the rear suspension structure means nothing. When the attempt was made by other teams to use the wheel hub to move air from behind the wheel, the hub, a structural component, was considered a movable aerodynamic device, because its internal surface spun at the wheel speed. While Williams fixed this with a sleeve through the hub, the point is the same. The precedent is set: Moving structural components made into aerodynamic devices are movable aerodynamic components, thus not legal. Whether or not this idea works or not is irrelevant.