Ecclestone rules out paying to avoid German jail

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

Formula 1 chief executive Bernie has ruled out paying millions to end his legal troubles in Germany.

Earlier, it was reported Ecclestone could take advantage of an unique German law in being able to negotiate a huge settlement and avoid the criminal trial for bribery, and a possible ten year prison sentence.

But Ecclestone told the Daily Mail: “There’s absolutely no way I’ll do that.

“That is not how it works, anyway. We could possibly have come to some sort of arrangement when all this started but we decided not to do that.

“It’s not an option now and we wouldn’t go with it even if it was,” the 83-year-old insisted. “We will go to court and present our case. We have nothing at all to hide.” (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Bernie – “there is absolutely no way I will do that, I only pay secret bribes and grease palms, I simply refuse to pay if its legal”

  • LOL

    Legally pay to erase a crime? How german.