Button: The power is nice, it feels like the most powerful engine I’ve driven

Jenson Button with McLaren engineers in Jerez

Jenson Button with McLaren engineers in Jerez

Amid all the negative debate surrounding the sound and power of new era Formula 1 cars, it was refreshing to hear Jenson Button praise the new Mercedes V6 turbo engines at the end of his first full day of testing at Jerez on Wednesday.

After a trouble packed first day in Spain, Button in the McLaren MP4-29 was on track for day two which ended with him top of the timing sheets.

Button told media afterwards, “The power of the [Mercedes] engine is nice. It’s very torquey, it feels like the most powerful engine I’ve driven. It obviously isn’t in terms of outright power, but as a racing driver you feel the torque and power at the low speed and at 300 km/h you don’t really feel the difference.

Jenson Button was fastest on day two at Jerez

Jenson Button was fastest on day two at Jerez

“It’s coming out of the corners when you have so much torque that it’s exciting. A lot to improve with the car in that area, but with so many tools at our disposal I know exactly how we can improve the car,” explained the 2009 F1 World Champion.

“I think the positive thing is we have the ERS unit to fill in the gaps. I would say it’s a very drivable engine at this early stage. There are moments when you are part throttle through the corner and there’s all sorts going on. We’re used to revs, we’re used to downshifting but this is so, so different,” said Button.

Testing continues at Jerez for another two days – Thursday and Friday – before teams return to their bases for almost a month.  The second chapter of testing begins in Bahrain later next month. (GP247)

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    What makes an engine feel strong? It’s torque – not maximum power. Every driver of a modern turbo powered car could confirm this easily.

  • the fan

    something is really wrong with either button or mclaren for that matter

  • Red Horizon

    “It’s coming out of the corners when you have so much torque…”
    It will be very interesting, this year, to see which drivers will adapt better to drive with these engines.

  • McLarenfan

    Nice to hear a positive but all the gizmo’s is were the problems start
    one lose wire and the race is over.

  • Abhinav

    This guy is an idiot……….his feedback is always opposite of actual situation……………If Car is most powerful of all he has driven in his entire career then how come Cars are 8-10 seconds down from previous year………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Krunksoft

    @Abhinav – You do realize that this was only day 3 of testing this brand new power unit, No? Remember….IT’S A NEW ERA. These guys are still trying to make sure the cars can complete a few laps without parts of the power unit overheating. It’s all just TESTING right now. The drivers are still learning how to get the most out of these cars, IF they can even get track time with them right now – ask Renault.

  • Are you kidding me ?

    If jenson had the ability to develop a car in the same way that he moves his tongue to speak , he would have been countless times WDC . This guy does the talk , but never does the walk . His Wdc was the luckiest in F1 history

  • ninjamonk

    @Are you kidding me ? You need to learn your F1 history if you think Jenson was the luckiest in F1 History. There have been a lot more dominate cars winning more races than the than 2009 Brawn Gp Car.

  • Are you kidding me ?

    I wasn’t talking about cars ninja , learn how to read

  • farizY


    Yup, he was pretty lucky, the second half of the season, (when every top team catch up to them) he was no longer winning races, the only reason he’s champ is that no other team dominated.
    With that said, a title, is still a title. Hope Button prove us wrong this year.

  • coefficient

    Are you kidding? You know nothing about f1. End of story. Same goes for Abhinav. Pointless comments lacking all knowledge. Go and watch football as armchair punditry is stupid.

  • ninjamonk

    @Are you kidding me ? Quote “His Wdc was the luckiest in F1 history”

    I don’t see how the car is not factor in your comment, as for your learn to read comment, maybe you sir need to learn English to understand simple meaning 😉