Wolff: We did not expect the sh!tstorm we got after double points was announced

Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff

Double points for the final round of the Championship is still an issue that irks many Formula 1 fans, and the fact that a recent F1 Strategy Group meeting basically ignored the outcry suggests that the powers that be are ignoring the sentiments of those who follow the sport, a perception which team bosses are eager to dispel.

At Jerez, Mercedes motorsport chief Toto Wolff spoke with media about the controversial rule, “I think the shitstorm we got afterwards was something not expected. Was it the right move or not? 99 per cent of our fans and spectators, and this is what counts, told us it was the wrong move so perhaps it is something to revisit.”

“There are arguments [in favour] if for whatever reason we have the same kind of power situation with one of the teams [Red Bull in 2013], you add a little spice towards the end of the season. There is a lot to criticise, but things need to be done and with the audience dropping you need to try out things. This maybe wasn’t the right thing, but maybe we need to find out,” added Wolff.

Formula 1 fans

Formula 1 fans

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner agrees that fans cannot be ignored, “I think of course [that] the fans opinions matter but I don’t think it’s any secret that I wasn’t particularly in favour of it. I can understand why the governing body and the promoter are keen to keep the Championship alive, or hoping the Championship is kept alive until the end of the last race. But two out of the last four years have gone to the last race under the previous points scoring system.”

Horner would be in favour of awarding double points to the final three or four races as opposed to only the last race. He said, “We need to look at three [races for double points] for argument’s sake, to take away an element of lottery over that last race.” (GP247)

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  • bobw

    I agree that they should either scrap the idea completely or do double points over the last four races so the championship isn’t decided by a fluke.

  • Taskmaster

    The idea that some faked up double points extravaganza is going to turn TV audiences on assumes we we all too stupid to see through the fakery. It’s a strike against credibility as a legitimate leader of motorsport, and will create stupid results that will be remembered for the controversy caused, devaluing those who benefit from it, and F1 as a whole. We will always know who would be champion without the stupid bonus hand-out, and if that’s different than the results with the lotto give away, there will be no end to the discussion of it. It’s a stupid idea for F1, made up by TV executives who know nothing about this sport and its fans, and should be dumped completely.

  • Max

    Double points is perthetic just about as stupid as Bernie wonting to put water sprinklers on the track’s.

  • Matthew

    The FIA is worried about red bull crushing the others again. Double points is not the answer, we can’t even be sure that they will dominate again!

  • Urko

    Isn’t it easier just to leave it as it was until 2013..( no double crap at all) ??? Ohhh, audience is droping. Wonder why.. Maybe bcs of fake tyres, that got nothing to do with real racing (it actually prevents it-destroyed crap tyres)…mybe bcs of crap Tilke tracks that are not even tracks, but more like a Lego tracks..maybe bcs races are held in some fckn banana republics in front of empty grand stands…maybe bcs the most honest & law abiding earthling, Ecclestone is moving F1 from free tv to pay TV..maybe bcs great teams like Ferrari, McL & ur Merc are unable to beat some sugar drink company… And ocf double points stupidity…etc.. Have you ever thought that these are the real reasons for the decline in ratings, and not championship being decided before last race, though it happens rarely. Wake up, mr. Wollf!

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    They are trying to make abu dabhi a “Great” race and replace interlagos as the season finale. To the FIA the more money they can make the better. They dont give one turd about the F1 fans and now GP2 is the new F1 as they are 5 seconds faster than the fastest 2014 car the F14T.

  • Hugo

    He didn’t expect this? Shows how dumb this guy is.

  • Alan

    If you really want to change it up toss a coin at the final 4 races after qualifying to see if the grid gets reversed. Statistics would say this would happen twice. It could be more or less.

    Picture Vettle, Alonso, Hamilton, Kimi, Rosberg and Button all starting in the back.

  • David

    The purity of the sport was lost a few years ago……
    mainly when they started rewarding the slower cars with wing adjustment to pass the car in front!
    This is not F1 this is a Joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If we all keep up with our comments hopefully they will get it.
    Stop buying their pathetic shirts mugs caps and other collectible items and they will get a wake up call. Watch the race at home and don’t waste money on tickets and they will get it.

  • The fans can’t be allowed to run the sport

    The worst thing they can do is buckle under to the fans. That would just ruin the sport for good.

    There is nothing wrong with double points in some races. Every driver and team has the same chance to earn them.

    The only real joke is the fans who keep crying like little babies about everything.

  • bub

    I will personally refuse to recognise a driver or team who wins a championship as a result of the double points rule, where another driver or team would have won under the normal points allocation system.

    Also, as I’ve said before on this forum, I will be boycotting the Abu Dhabi race until this daft idea is scrapped.

  • Taskmaster

    We stopped attending races. The fake tire wear, DRS, press to pass KERS, lucky dog rules around safety cars, etc.. suck. For some reason hard to explain, the fakee bakee crap seems so much more blatant live. On TV it’s ignoreable, and home means taking naps during the boring bits. Double points just makes attendance less relevant. For live entertainment, we’re finding MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 trump F1 as real racing. Those guys race harder, at greater risk, with more dicing and slicing and to the last lap excitement than F1 today. It’s also cheaper to attend, and easier to move around. The new rules there seem to be improving the sport, not destroying it like the recent F1 revisions.

  • Paul Jr

    Double points is stupid.

  • Doug

    Drop the entire rule package and go back 15 years ago. Keep the safety standards, but bring back V10s, adjustable ride height, adjustable wings, unlimited testing, refueling etc. F1 is losing fans because the cars are becoming as boring as NASCAR.

    F1 used to be about cutting age technology as it related to going as fast possible, not fuel economy and electric cars. It’s losing the aspect of racing and becoming merely a mileage test.

  • A41202813GMAIL


    I Will Give You More:

    All Races, Except The Very First, Should Be Grid Reversed Based On The Then WDC Standings.

    Except For The Very First Race, Q1, Q2 And Q3 Should Be Replaced By P4.

    After Race 1, All The Usual Alpha Dogs Would Have To Climb The Ladder To Win A Race Again.

    GO, 44 !


    @JD: “…most F1 fans ARE stupid and deserve to be ignored”.

    A brilliant statement – transfer it to voters instead of F1 fans and it would be perfectly fit into the modern world of fake democracy, synchronized media and “political correct” opinion.

  • Resultant Asteroid

    Couldnot agree more. I’m already doubting I will hail a driver who wins the championship only because of this stupid rule, even if he was my favorite driver. This is not fair, just like the DRS. They are prioritizing “The show” over “The Sport” and Fairness. The DRS – statistically at least – did not add up to the number of spectators, so why should this unfair stupid rule do.

  • bub


    I agree. MotoGP is a purer sport.