Raikkonen: The cars are much slower? It’s pointless making comparisons with the past

Kimi Raikkonen speaks to Ferrari engineers during day one of testing at Jerez

Kimi Raikkonen speaks to Ferrari engineers during day one of testing at Jerez

After having been entrusted with the Ferrari F14 T’s track debut Kimi Raikkonen’s evaluation of his first day ‘back at the office’ was short and to the point, but did make a point of saying that the much slower new era Formula 1 cars did not concern him.

The Finn, on his return to Ferrari, completed 32 laps on the Andalusian track, which was more than anyone else on the day, set the best time of 1:27.04 (which happened to be 10 seconds down on the best time set last year on day one of testing at Jerez, and three seconds adrift of the best GP2 time) around the former GP venue.

Granted, it was a very unusual day, and perhaps inevitable that, with brand new cars designed to all new rules and powered by V6 turbo engines for the first time, there would be teething troubles which would slow down the development work.

Kimi Raikkonen back in the cockpit of a Ferrari after a four year break

Kimi Raikkonen back in the cockpit of a Ferrari after a four year break

Although the Maranello outfit did rack up the most laps, the team had its troubles, especially in the morning. But in the afternoon, Raikkonen was able to do more consistent running.

“The biggest challenge now is to ensure [that] everything works. The new cars are much more complicated than the previous ones and there are a thousand details that can slow down the work. This morning, we’d have liked to do a few more laps but in the afternoon I think we did a good job. From a driving point of view, I didn’t feel any amazing difference, although it’s much too early to give an opinion on this,” said Raikkonen at the end of the day.

“Overall, we can say it was a good start. We have a solid base from which to work over the coming days. The times from this test mean nothing and we will only begin to understand something … in Bahrain. The cars are much slower? It’s pointless making comparisons with the past because everything is completely different,” added the 2007 World Champion. (GP247)

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  • Kimi4WDC

    Like a Boss.

  • the fan

    oh yeah the usual kimi reply!

  • grimreaper

    Of course it’s worth comparing the cars to previous years, but 8.3 seconds slower than last year is a joke especially if they are slower than GP2 times!

  • sarahsdadjeff

    Kimi will be Kimi. Love his style.

  • D.R.S

    Kimi has this “I dun give a rat’s ass” attitude. I love it! For once I might just start having a soft corner for ferrari since Kimi is back! Love this guy for what he is!

  • fools

    chill out…he said also they were not pushing the cars limits…

  • Binoy

    Idiots dont realize they were only running at 9000-10000 rpms and makes a huge fuss about V6’s being 9 sec slower. Lol.. This is called testing and with the huge shakedown in regulations,teams are trying to understand every bit about it. So just chill and let them do their work instead of talking about how shitty the cars are.
    Like KiMi said it will take time,and only by Bahrain will we get a bit more clear picture.

  • animal9527

    Fools i highly doubt that they are going to find 2,3 seconds formula 1 is slower than gp2!

  • Joost

    I bet my life on it that they will find 2,3 seconds. Setup and confidence is everthing. That doesnt change the fact that it is a shame that we are comparing F1 to GP2…

  • captain tortuga

    obnoxious little brat. I can not understand why people ‘adore’ / ‘worship’ such a boring guy, with a speechproblem, totally media-shy, and uber-hypocrite..

    But hey, everyone can have his own ‘hero’ xD

    He will get his @ss served by Alonso, and demoted to the barrichello-role before sumerbreak.

  • captain tortuga

    and no im no alonso-fanboy, or anyone-fanboy for that matter.

    but it is clear that both drivers are not really fast on the single-lap-speed, also both drivers are super-consistent in the way they finish and keep scoring points, only that spanjard has the motivation of a kung-fu-warrior on X, and Kimi has the motivation of a damp rag.

  • o’ferrari


  • stoner (original)

    Kimi is better than Alonso in qualifying ie faster than the fake samurai, statistics speaks for Kimi

  • nobody


    What you don’t get my friend is that not everybody is a sucker for soap operas and dramas like you are.

  • farizY

    Who cares who’s better? I just want to see them race!!
    Even after one of them beats the other guy, this “who’s better” debate will never cease to exist. So, let us just enjoy the show.

  • RBC

    @ Binoy, Last year at Jerez they were doing 1:18’s. Now they are doing 1:38’s. So they need to find 20 seconds to be the same as last year. That is without the fuel saving they will do for most races so it’s likely they will be at least 20 seconds slower during the year, meaning slower that GP2…

  • shaq

    isnt the time is around 1.27?

  • Quit your crying, the same group of self procliamed experts at it again

    These cars are fine, you as a fan in the stands or on TV can’t tell any difference in speed. So quit your whining and crying.

    If you all are so smart put in your resume with the team of your choice so you can tell them how wrong they are and you can be the hero and fix their team.

    I suspect not a single one of you would be hired.

    Like Kimi said testing times mean nothing. Sand bagging will be going on so as not to show your hand to the others.

    Now it is nap time for most of you so run along to your mama’s basement and take your nap.


    Kimi 😉 The king of relevance. Says more in one sentence than others during the whole afternoon.

  • RBC

    @ shaq, You are right, I was wrong. 1.27 is the time now. It will come down. But they will still drive slow for fuel saving so it won’t come down that far.

  • No one knows how these cars will do


    You have no clue how these cars will be driven. I suspect you are basing your uninformed comment from what Vettel said after the first day of testing of which he only did three slow laps at the end of the day.

    Vettel is talking out of his rear end at this point when says you can’t drive these cars.

    Maybe Vettel is already missing is car from the last few years, you know the one, it had the flexing wings and such.

    Look for Vettel to become just an ordinary driver this year as RedBull struggle with a dog of a car.

  • derek davorn

    It could also be said that f1 is pointless, but that’s not the point either!! These pc bound interviews are the most pointless of all the pointless changes this year.

    Any pointless remarks will presumably be doubled on yhe final day, 0x0 equalling 0 of course!

    Pointless again eh?

  • Red Horizon

    There is no need to worry too much for now, soon the cars will be faster than those of GP2 and also equal, if not superior, of those of last year F1. It just takes a little time, this is just the beginning of a big change. And they will also have a decent sound, but that depends on your personal taste.

  • Snowman

    Button’s already set a 1:24.1 today, so will you all shut up and wait for the first race before making stupid judgments?

  • Ankit

    Button and Raikkonen already broke into 1.24s today. And it’s just the second day. They beat GP2s timing, and if im not wrong it will only get faster from here on as the testing progresses and it will be really close to last years’ testing time if not past it. So all you whiny *ss losers who constantly keep moaning about the 10 second gap, please shut up and wait till testing is over. IT IS ONLY JUST TESTING! Some of you people need to calm down. Have faith in the sport you love. Otherwise go watch Nascar or something. Jeez

  • Where did Kimi say the cars are slower?

    I can not seem to find where Kimi has stated that the current F1 cars will be slower. All Kimi has said and it has been twisted by the reporter was not to look at the lap times.

    Me thinks F1 now has the worlds most whiniest fans in all of motorsport.

    You cry about the sound, you cry about the speed, you cry about the looks of the cars, you cry when a driver has to pass a slower car, cry cry cry.

    I don’t seem to hear the drivers of sports cars crying about having to race with other classes of cars in the same race with huge difference in speed.

    That is what makes Kimi so great he does not cry, he comes upon a slower car he just passes it instead of crying to his team about it.

  • spornbot

    Q: How would you make leafblower racing even more interesting?
    A: Double points!

  • Ty

    I love how everyone falls for the fake carefree persona Raikkonen puts up.

  • someone

    I really hope today shuts people up about F1 being much slower after Button went 5 seconds clear of yesterday’s time on his first lap.

    Will the cars be slower than last year? Yes – you are coming out of an era of stable rules into the unknown.

    Will the cars be much slower than last year? No

  • Touche Turtle

    Captain Tortuga: I’m not Alonso fanboy?????


  • Touche Turtle

    Captain Tortug: I’m not Alonso fanboy….


  • Year of the Horse

    @Where did Kimi say the cars are slower?

    I’ve been thinking the same thing! F1 is still awesome, will always be awesome. If you got a problem go watch GP2 lol.

    Its like people have forgotten that the people making the cars are the same people who made last years cars, and the ones before those, and in many teams they’ve been making them for god knows how many years. They’re well equipped to face the changes, just like they do every year. It may just take a little longer for them to adjust to these rules, but thats the beauty of F1, adaptability and progression. If we had the same cars racing year in year out, people would be crying about that.

    The teams goal is to make the fastest car out there, and there’s also the drivers who could take a golf cart and set lap times out of this world – again thats their job. Crazy fast cars with crazy fast drivers who know how to drive and get the max of a car designed regardless of its restrictions, they’ll push to the absolute boundary of those restrictions. Its going to be a great season, just like every year.

  • nat

    I have always been a fan of GP2 racing, in fact the battles are usually much better to watch as they are in the same machinery, however the attraction with formula one was the screaming NA engines and best cars we can produce to go around a circuit. No matter how much we change the rules the teams with the biggest budgets will be at the front, so the small will be at the back – only this year they get a higher R&D bill and the cars sound like my mums Volvo…… Is F1 still the pinnacle of motorsport?