Raikkonen says back injury is sorted for now

Kimi Raikkonen during day one at Jerez

Kimi Raikkonen during day one at Jerez

Kimi Raikkonen on Tuesday gave the thumbs up as he returned to the cockpit of a Formula 1 car.

Having already signed to switch from Lotus to Ferrari for 2014, the Finn sat out the last few races of last season in order to have a back injury cured through surgery and physiotherapy.

Asked about his return to speed on Tuesday at the wheel of Ferrari’s brand new Formula 14-T, Raikkonen told the Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat: “The back is ok.

“At least now, on the first day of driving, I did not have any problems,” he explained. “And I don’t expect any either, even if you never know what’s going to happen in the future.”

Raikkonen, 34, said he has been able to train normally since the end of December, six weeks after his mid November operation. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Without a bad back what excuses will he use now when he doesnt bother to turn up at the factory between races to help develop the car? He doesnt even ture up for races sometimes.

  • RBC

    @ Boycottthebull

    Yeah just when the team doesn’t pay him for a whole season. He was already 3 days at Ferrari on the simulator you douche bag.

  • Matthew

    Kimi is actually being paid, so I can’t see him not showing up to races or at the factory. I know kimi isn’t the strongest willed driver, but I just can’t see him losing motivation unless alonso wipes the floor with him. Once again, heres my prediction. Alonso will beat kimi by 25pts by the end of the season. (hardly wiping the floor with kimi) Ferrari will most likely win the constructors championship in 14.

  • Spartacus

    Still no hard evidence of his so-called “surgery”.

    What was operated on? Which part of his back? L3/L4? L4/L5? Did he have a lumbar microdiscectomy? What was his back pain about? Sciatica?

    He has NEVER mentioned anything more specific than having a “back pain”.

    Hence, I don’t believe he had anything surgically done to his back. I believe though, that he probably had an epidural injection for his “back pain” during last year’s Singapore GP.

    More evidence need to be reported with regards to his back “operation”.

  • LOL

    On nbc sports, I recall them saying he was served a bit too much at a party and fell down a flight of stairs. I don’t understand why so many people demand proof of his surgery. It was clearly minor, and it’s not our business.

  • Anna

    Who cares how he did it or even if it was real. He is driving a new car in a different team now. I think Lotus will be mid field this year while Ferrari will be up front. With two drivers like Kimi and Fernando they should be able to pull off at least the constructors championship. Hopefully one of them will get the WDC cup too. Anything except another boring Vettel win.

  • Kimi4WDC


    I think that is what Ferrari is betting and hoping for. Just a 25 pts difference between their drivers at the end of the season, no matter who is leading.

  • Stoner


    Kimi doesn’t care what you think or what stories fools like you make up.
    If you want to see proof, go find it yourself.

  • Matthew


    Exactly. And if they both perform well, and are that close to each other in points… Then ferrari will take the constructors championship. They have the strongest line up unless riccardo surprises everyone, I just cant see vettel overcoming both kimi and alonso. Either one alone certainly, but together? Ferrari is in a good position as long as they have the car.