Mercedes confused by front wing failure on Hamilton’s car

Paddy Lowe

Paddy Lowe

Lewis Hamilton crashed his brand new Mercedes, on the morning of the first day of pre-season Formula 1 testing, when the front wing failed on the W05, a failure which has left the team confused.

Speaking to BBC technical director Paddy Lowe admitted, “These are things we test extensively and model a lot of work in the laboratory, so it is a confusing situation for us.”

However Lowe remained upbeat, “Lewis’ initial feedback was positive once he was able to complete some timed laps, which is a promising indicator for the basic package.”

The incident meant an early shower for Hamilton as the crew worked feverishly to get the car ready for day two of the test with Nico Rosberg scheduled to get behind the wheel.

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  • RBC

    They only brought one wing? Or did they spend the day trying to make the crap wing they built stronger?

  • o’ferrari

    Is it just me, or does Paddy Lowe remind anyone else or a leprechaun?

  • quixpeed

    always they to be confused since MSC days. also puzzled, perplexed, baffled …etc. they will use the possible vocabularies in the same regard to produce a pro statement.

  • Badman

    I have wondered for a long time what supports that monster
    front wing..The whole thing looks very flimsy, and fragile mustache looking appendage. A street sweeping vacuum cleaner monstrosity that always seem to get knocked off with the slightest contact. Time for a rule change to reduce the size of
    the front wing for safety reasons..


  • torque

    I can help you Merc with 2 words…duct tape.