Marussia to debut new car on Thursday at Jerez

Marussia trucks at Jerez

Marussia trucks at Jerez

Marussia is on course to finally debut its 2014 car on Thursday after missing the first two days in Spain.

On Tuesday, having delayed the launch of the MR03 due to minor technical trouble, the team said that their newly Ferrari-powered car was finally making its way from the UK to Jerez.

With some trucks and personnel already at the southern Spanish test track, Marussia’s race team and Ferrari support crew arrived at Jerez on Wednesday morning. The new car is apparently not far behind.

“The truck and car are making great progress – should be here mid to late afternoon,” Marussia said on Twitter. “So a busy night ahead to prepare ourselves for its debut.” (GMM)

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  • Hugo

    Wow, so exciting. Real-time news of a car en route to a venue, anxiously waiting to prove how bad they are again.

  • Matthew

    At least they’re making it! More then can be said about lotus!