Kehm denies reports claiming doctors to end Schumacher coma

Michael Schumacher with Sabine Kehm

Michael Schumacher with Sabine Kehm

Michael Schumacher’s spokesperson Sabine Kehm has played down reports the Grenoble hospital is preparing to bring the great German out of his month-long coma.

The news was reported by France’s influential sports daily L’Equipe, following an extended period in which official information about former F1 great Schumacher, 45, had dried up as his medical condition stabilised.

But L’Equipe on Wednesday reported that Schumacher has now entered a recovery phase, with doctors aiming to gradually ease the seven time World Champion out of his deep state of induced coma.

“I stress again that any statements about Michael’s health that do not originate from the treating medical team or his management are to be regarded as speculation,” Kehm said in a new press statement.

“I repeat that we will not comment on such speculation.” (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    I hate these bullsh!t articles released by people wanting to make headlines as well as making up their own self importance I m glad that this woman Sabine Kehm is quick to shoot down bull but again I and others would love even a small comment like OK no change speak soon.
    Come on Michael we know you can pull through.

  • sarahsdadjeff

    Long live The King.

  • o’ferrari

    Fcuk you, JD. Pimply little kid who gets beaten up all day by girls three years younger than him then comes home and becomes an anonymous keyboard warrior.

  • vipernas

    so, just 1 day later it appers that “speculations” are true. I just hate it as much as I hate falso rumors when someone strictly denies true news.

  • o’ferrari

    Keep changing ur name, u cnut!