Horner: It’s dangerous to ever be over confident, as F1 can be unpredictable

Christian Horner on day one at Jerez

Christian Horner on day one at Jerez

The reset button has been pressed for 2014 and Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner gave his thoughts ahead of the year ahead.

It’s been a period of huge success over the past four seasons but now the reset button has been pressed. Does it make you nervous losing the continuity of the recent past?
Christian Horner: “It’s a clean sheet of paper and an opportunity for the design team to get their teeth into a new challenge. The biggest challenge is in the power unit and that’s where we rely heavily on our engine partner Renault to make sure that we have a power unit that is competitive with our rivals. We have every confidence [that] we will have.”

Are you happy that all the elements are in place?
Horner: “It’s dangerous to ever be over confident that you have all the elements in place for the start of a season. We’ve enjoyed continuity over the past few years and we’ve got a strong driver line-up and a strong technical line-up, as well as great strength and depth in the team, but you can’t take anything for granted, as F1, like any sport, can be unpredictable.”

What do you think will be the key to success this season? Power Unit, reliability, rapidity of response time on development?
Horner: “This year the reliability of the power Unit is going to be critical. Whoever has the most powerful and reliable unit will probably come out on top, so it’s a game changer in many respects, but we look forward to the new challenge.”

Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Adrian Newey during the launch of the Red Bull RB10

Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Adrian Newey during the launch of the Red Bull RB10

Will the new regulations affect the racing this season?
Horner: “I think it will be a different type of racing. We’re limited to 100 kg of fuel for each race, so there will be a more tactical approach and that will be a challenge for all the teams and drivers.”

In Seb you obviously have a driver operating at the top of his game but on the other side of the garage you’ve got a new boy in Daniel. What are you expectations of him this year?
“Daniel is going to be on a steep learning curve and he’s going to be rated against Sebastian, which will be tough. However, he’s approaching it with just the right attitude. He’s looking to learn and benefit from how Sebastian operates and fundamentally Daniel is very fast. I think he could throw up some surprise results this year. I think he has the real potential to be a star of the future.”

How is the atmosphere in the team?
“The atmosphere in the team is excellent. We’ve been riding the crest of a wave over the last four years and there’s a great determination to see that continue in 2014. It’s been the most intense winter we’ve ever had. We’ve produced the car in the shortest possible amount of time and it’s fantastic to see the team operating the way it has.”

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