Higher top speeds expected from turbo engines in 2014

Autodesk VRED Professional 2014 SR1-SP5

The new V6 turbo engines may be smaller and quieter, but Formula 1 cars will actually be faster in a straight line in 2014.

This was the expectation of Force India’s technical boss Andy Green, when contemplating the mammoth rule changes over the winter.

Not only the engine rules have changed, the FIA has also dramatically reduced the amount of downforce.

But although downforce levels were similarly attacked in 1998 and again in 2009, Green said that the huge changes for 2014 are “crucially different”.

“The downforce loss is in the same region and is quite significant,” he told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

“But this time the drag has also been dramatically reduced, where in the past the drag stayed the same while downforce was going down.”

Asked if that means that top speeds will be higher in 2014, Green agreed: “Yes. I expect the cars to be about 15km/h faster.” (GMM)

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  • StevetheGreat

    Who cares? The cars look and sound terrible and are slow. Not exactly a thrilling formula.

  • Shut up

    First off you have no clue how fast the lap times will be until these cars are ran in anger for the first time.

    It is also good to take away down force as it will allow the best drivers to be at the front instead of mid filed drivers in great cars.

    As for the comment being printed as if Kimi said it is totally false. Who ever wrote that hit piece added the statement “The cars will be slower?”

    Notice the question mark?

    All Kimi said was not to look at the lap times as they don’t matter.

    I love the fact there are different solutions to the cars and love they have a bunch of different front end designs. Who the hell wants to watch all the cars looking the same.

  • Ankit

    @ Stevethenotsogreat

    I would ask you to read my comment on another article on this site but I’ll just make it easier for you by copy pasting it here.

    Button and Raikkonen already broke into 1.24s today. And it’s just the second day. They beat GP2s timing, and if im not wrong it will only get faster from here on as the testing progresses and it will be really close to last years’ testing time if not past it. So all you whiny *ss losers who constantly keep moaning about the 10 second gap, please shut up and wait till testing is over. IT IS ONLY JUST TESTING! Some of you people need to calm down. Have faith in the sport you love. Otherwise go watch Nascar or something. Jeez

    I hope you will shut up till testing is over. You comments are the most nonsensical comments on this site. And a if it’s not exactly a “thrilling formula” to you, you can go watch Nascar as I suggested above.

  • Kimi4WDC

    Higher speed not because of turbo, because no one wants to be stuck at 300kph at Monza or any other 320kph track :)

  • torque

    I personally couldn’t care less if the cars are faster in a straight line, it’s not like I’ll notice the speed difference down the straights. The speed in the corners is what I found so impressive about F1, and the sound of course, both of which will be diminished this year, still I’m hoping for the best.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    @Ankit. Well said mate. Toto wolff stated the engines are only revving. 9-10,000 rpm. Since they continue to do system checks and all that jolly f1 tech. Come Melbourne it will be great. I have faith in f1

  • rex

    I love F1 so I’m going to Melbourne GP so I really hope the cars sound impressive..I hope they come up with a solution during the year for those ugly noses..The Caterham is outrageous and should be banned ! GO KIMI