Ecclestone pushing for double points in three races

Bernie Ecclestone with Charlie Whiting

Bernie Ecclestone with Charlie Whiting

Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has written a letter to Formula 1’s eleven teams, arguing that the controversial new ‘double points’ rule should be extended to the final three races of the season.

Three races was always Ecclestone’s plan, but many team bosses refused to agree and so just installing the Abu Dhabi finale as the double points venue was the compromise outcome.

But Ecclestone, 83, is trying again to push his original plan through, appealing directly in writing to the Formula 1 teams because a change at such a late date would require total unanimity up and down pitlane.

According to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, the letter seeks approval for ‘double points’ to be awarded not just in Abu Dhabi next year, but also Austin and Brazil.

But the vote even of Ecclestone’s friend and ally Christian Horner, the Red Bull team boss, is unlikely.

He thinks double points at three races next year would turn the title race “pretty much into a lottery”.

Not only that, the small teams are reportedly also sceptical, as the allocation of double points will mean expensive car development late in the season will ramp up even more than usual.

And the fact that FIA entry fees for the following season are decided on the basis of points scored is reportedly also a turn-off for teams, as the ‘double points’ scheme would simply ramp up already escalated costs.

World Champion Sebastian Vettel on Tuesday slammed double points as “nonsense”.

“It would be like in football if they changed the rules by saying that a goal scored in the last five minutes counted double,” he told Formula 1’s official website.

“Nobody would think of something bizarre like that.” (GMM)

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  • the fan

    seb is known for associating himself with some older people like bernie and marko. maybe this year, he’ll take bernie off his list.

  • StevetheGreat

    Let’s take a terrible idea and multiply is by three!

    Ridiculous. May as well sell the sport to WWE.

  • Hugo

    How about double points all season long, points for the pole, points for most laps led, points for fastest pit stop, points for fastest lap, points for hottest gf (or bf in Sutil’s case), while we’re at it?

  • bub

    Bernie is getting a bit long in the tooth, starting to make mistakes.

    Time he was put out to grass……

  • Hawk

    Seb’s analogy is wrong. What he meant is the lat match of the league scoring double points I.e. 6 points

  • James


    and also, points for the highest EOS speed