Jerez Test Day 1: Raikkonen and Ferrari fastest but 10 seconds slower than last year

Kimi Raikkonen in the Ferrari F14 T

Kimi Raikkonen in the Ferrari F14 T

Kimi Raikkonen, in his first day back in a Ferrari, ended day one at Jerez fastest of all in the F14T in a day when the sport’s new turbo era finally dawned, but also where the state of readiness of Formula 1 was brought into question.

Raikkonen powered around the former grand prix track in a time of 1:27.04 in the V6 turbo charged Ferrari, which was nearly ten seconds down on the times set at the same point last year, at the same venue with the V8 normally aspirated cars Jenson Button was fastest on that day with a best time of 1:18.861 in the McLaren. The GP2 lap record stands at 1:24.262, set by Kamui Kobayashi in 2008.

Raikkonen did 31 laps during the course of the day, but was the first to have a problem out on track when, 42 minutes into the morning session, the Ferrari came to halt on track and required a tow truck ride back to the pits.

The Finn said afterwards, “It’s just the first day, there is still a long way to go. Lap times don’t mean anything, I was just learning about the car. We have started ok.”

Lewis Hamilton crashed in Turn 1

Lewis Hamilton crashed in Turn 1

Biggest talking point of the day was Lewis Hamilton’s crash into the tyre wall at Turn 1, when he was setting the early pace in the Mercedes W05. A front wing failure caused the incident, which in turn curtailed his day out on track. Nevertheless he ended up second fastest with a time of 1:27.820, and racked up 18 laps in the process which was only less than Raikkonen.

Williams were among the late starters and only got one hour of running all day, but will be buoyed by the fact that Valtteri Bottas popped the third fastest lap of the day in his first attempt at a full flying lap in the FW36, although it was three seconds down on the top time. He did seven timed laps in the hour.

Next up on the timing screens was Sergio Perez in the Force India VJM07, ahead of Jean Eric Vergne in the Toro Rosso STR9 followed by Esteban Gutierrez at the wheel of the Sauber C33. The trio set times but were way off the pace.

Valtteri Bottas in the Williams FW36

Valtteri Bottas in the Williams FW36

Red Bull and Caterham were very late out on track and thus neither Sebastian Vettel nor rookie Marcis Ericsson clocked a time.

The McLaren MP4-29 did not even make it out the pit garage, while the Marussia MR03 was being trucked down from the UK, the team hoping to get it running on day two. Lotus of course were absent.

Day two of testing continues on Wednesday.

Jerez Test, Day 1 Lap Times – Tuesday, 28 January 2014

P Drivers Teams Times Gap Laps
1 K.Raikkonen Ferrari F14T 1.27.104 31
2 L.Hamilton Mercedes W05 1.27.820 +0.716 18
3 V.Bottas Williams FW36 1.30.082 +2.978 7
4 S.Perez Force India VJM07 1.33.161 +6.057 11
5 J-E.Vergne Toro Rosso STR9 1.36.530 +9.426 15
6 E.Gutierrez Sauber C33 1.42.257 +15.153 7
7 M.Ericsson Caterham CT04 3
8 S.Vettel Red Bull RB10 1



Driver Team Stop Restart
1 K.Raikkonen Ferrari 09h42 10h11
2 S.Perez Force India 11h02 11h16
3 L.Hamilton Mercedes 12h43 12h56
4 J-E.Vergne Toro Rosso 15h29 15h40
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  • animal9527

    10 secondssssssss

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Well the FIA does want to destroy F1 to have the WEC as the pennicle of motorsport. My worst fears have come true. The end of F1.

  • Eevel


  • Eevel

    Does that mean GP2 is now the pinnacle of motorsport?

  • Ankit

    Okay people calm down! It’s the first friking day, where almost everybody had issues with their car. Today was just to test the reliability. Nobody was on full throttle. No team was testing performance today. Maybe we’ll get exactly how fast the V6s are on the 3 or 4th day or next testing session. So just calm your t*ts and stop being drama queens. You don’t like what you see, stop watching. You want to continue watching, stop complaining!

  • Safrimike

    Eevel, looks like it. Jeez, what a disappointment – hope time will improve though

  • Matthew

    I’m sure they’ll get faster as the test goes on. It’s very early, theres no way the first times on the first day of testing will be highly competetive. Still… Hopefully they destroy the gp2 time before the end of the test!

  • Jimfast

    10 seconds vs F2 it´s that tue?
    If F1´s car can´t defeat the F2´s car´s time it´s a big shame and a big mistake of the “Owners” of the F1.

    Let´s hope best results in the next days!

  • Hugo

    So aside from Kimi who is 3 seconds slower than a GP2 car, most other folks are between 6 and 9 seconds slower than said GP2 cars.

    Yes, everyone is taking it easy, but I doubt they’ll find 6 seconds a lap by week’s end. Even if they did, an F1 shouldn’t be on par with GP2 cars, they should be way faster.

    What a joke F1 has become. I’m seriously thinking of not following this sport anymore.

    Ugly cars, stupid rules, awful sound. What is there to like? Nothing.

  • zouzou

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the gap, it’s pretty normal. Mark my words by the end of the test they would have nudged the 1 : 20 barrier

  • animal9527

    IT will be very very rare that they will find 7 seconds Zouzou,but i hope you’re right

  • F1Novice

    I was there to today…… and left totally deflated…. Cars sound SHITE !

  • haha

    That Williams looks damn awesome on that picture.

  • stoner (original)

    People wake up. There is no fricking way the times will be better than 1m20sec by the end of the test. Max to max we can see them go 5 seconds faster and that’s it. F1 cars are now slower and pinnacle of motorsports is a thing of the past.
    Fcuknose ugly looking slow cars, ridiculous rules and abundance of pay drivers is what formula 1 has reduced to. Moto gp, WRC are the best of motorsports right now.

  • Jack

    Second that opinion of the Williams car, Dayumn!

  • someone

    This is the first time most of these people have driven the new engines at all. They will be nowhere near the maximum. All they would have wanted from today was does the car start, can it get around the track. Some teams didn’t manage that.

    You’re comparing to last season where the regs barely changed from the year before. In terms of the engine, nothing changed, so they could quite happily turn the wick up immediately with those engines.

    Finally, teams are just running the very basic essentials here. The performance parts will be added when they are being tested. Today was about nothing but the engine working.

    If you are thinking F1 has dropped 10secs per lap, you are wrong.

  • someone

    Also, F2 is not the same as GP2 and GP2 would not be the next step down (next fastest or most advanced) if F1 became slower.

  • Dr. Azlan

    F1 should change the V6 to V4. I think with the advanced technologies and lotsa money invested, a V4 powered car can still beat an F2 car.

  • the fan

    so what is if its slower? its the first day of testing with all the drivers just getting back in the car after the break. amateurs go watch horse racing, they dont get slower with every season, that may interest you.

  • zouzou

    Y’all are ridiculous by the end of this test they will be in the 1:15 ” :)

  • muddles thailand

    Maybe to spice the season up, the top 3 GP2 cars should be allowed automatic entry into an F1 race.
    That would soon correct the direction F1 is headed.

  • RBC

    Yeah they will get faster. Until the first race when they find that they don’t have enough fuel to run at 100% throttle, then they will be cruising around and running 20 seconds slower than GP2.

  • Schumacherfanboi

    Pfft Ten seconds wow Formula 1 is sooooo awesome now yeaaaaaa

  • Nowhereman

    It’s scary guys.
    My figuring is that it will take half the season for these force fed mini motors to approach the times of last year but, they will not beat the times of last year.
    The FIA needs an enema…..

  • Kimi4WDC



  • Hawk

    car manufacturer advantage in play

  • F1Novice

    Bernie is going to be spitting feathers !! …. mark my words

  • Dr. Azlan

    The pinnacle of motorsports is where everyone is, or wants to be in.

    F1 needs to race with V4 engines because thats the class that makes money for the auto industry, and thats the class which 99% of auto makers are interested in.