Hamilton first casualty at Jerez as front wing failure results in crash

crash hamilton test jerez

Lewis Hamilton crashed out during day one of testing at Jerez

Lewis Hamilton was the first driver this season to do a timed lap in the new generation Formula 1 cars, but shortly afterwards became the first driver to slam the wall after an apparent front wing failure resulted in and unplanned departure from the circuit at in Turn 1 of the Jerez circuit.

Hamilton climbed out of the severely bent W05, which only hours earlier was revealed to the world for the first time in the pit lane, without apparent injury. The under part of the car’s front wing, which appeared to have worked loose, was retrieved from the track.

Lewis Hamilton walks away from his crashed Mercedes W05

Lewis Hamilton walks away from his crashed Mercedes W05

The team wrote on Twitter: “We can confirm a front wing failure on car 44. The reason is now being investigated. Lewis is fine, thank you all for asking!”

The Mercedes driver was top of the timing screens when the incident happened with a best lap of 1:27.820.

Nico Rosberg is scheduled to take over the cockpit of the W05 tomorrow, day two of the test in southern Spain. (GP247)

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  • the fan

    ouch! its like you just came out of a showroom with your new sports car and then having a terrible accident on the first corner

  • Tamburello_1994

    That car WAS looking sweet too!! what a shame.

    Just on looks alone I would of guessed Merc to be among the last of the teams with front wing issues.

  • Mercedes had a front wing failure in 2013 as well in a race

    Mercedes had a front wing failure in 2013 as well in a race so this is nothing new for them.

    I believe it was Hamilton who had the front wing failure last year as well.

  • friggin lulu fanbatch

    reactions of few after the incident:

    Mcqueen:ka-chow!!!!what a way to test new car,that’s my buddy.

    nicole cherzing :aww!!!!!!! maa baby banged with style ,ooooohhh .

    xix management: we take twitter and face book to announce lewis is completely safe and thinking of recording another song to erase this bad memory.

    bad”bowbow”jose: bow wowowowowowowoowowowow wow bow bow bow woof woof woof woof baby,how amused i is.

    ron’s gold plated dummy & other aliases: blah,blah,blah,blah,blah.i was kicked in rear at crash,so i come here to spill my drivel,blah blah blah blah………….

  • Ankit

    @Mercedes had a front wing failure

    Nope. It was Rosberg who had that issue. I’m pretty sure it was him. Although not sure which race

  • Matthew

    Kind of ironic that the 1st thing to fail has nothing to do with the new powertrains. Kind of a disaster to miss out on a day, but better to find glitches as early as possible.

  • Anna

    He slammed into the barrier at Herez last year too, after brake failure.

  • Badman

    @friggin lulu fanbatch,

    Wow some rant. Had a problem decoding some parts but very entertaining. Anywho keep on, keeping on..Again entertaining
    that you is..