Ferrari online launch draws big numbers from around the globe

Ferrari F14T

Ferrari F14T

While the F14 T is crossing France and Spain in a high speed transporter and the team cuts through the air space between Bologna and Jerez de la Frontera, where pre-season testing starts on Tuesday, on the internet, interest in the latest Prancing Horse car continues to fly.

The on-line launch was a clear success, given that in the space of 24 hours, there were over eight million visits to the pages of the Scuderia website. It takes the total for this year past the twelve million mark. To put that in perspective, over the whole of 2013, the number of pages read on Ferrari website was just under the twelve million mark.

President Luca di Montezemolo’s push on the digital front, from the Internet site to an active presence on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, is beginning to bring results, as can be seen from the statistics.

The ballot to choose the name of the car drew over a million votes and the hashtag #F14T was quoted 9.6 million times in just over 48 hours, becoming for a while the most trending item in Italy and Spain. Interest was also very high on Facebook: the audience for the Scuderia’s official page reached 3.6 million and posts relating to the new car got over a hundred thousand likes.

Looking at the league table of the followers by country, Italy was clearly at the top, followed by Spain, USA, UK and Finland. A total of 219 countries featured, with no less than 191 members of the United Nations: they go from A for the Aaland Islands to Z for Zimbabwe. (Ferrari)

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  • sarahsdadjeff

    Wow. At 1’st I thought that thats a boatload of people. But this ship is bigger than that. A lot bigger!!!

  • o’ferrari

    At first, I thought that car is as ugly as a hatfull of a$$holes

    At second glance, I think we’re gonna need a bigger hat!

  • NoMansLand

    Nice what happend to front nose:)

  • Forza Ferrari

    I really like the new car and I don’t understand what some people are bitching about? It looks absolutely gorgeous compared to the Mclaren with it’s hideous dildo nose or Lotus with it’s tusk nose. Well done Ferrari, as a Ferrari fan I’m proud of this car.

  • Kimi4WDC

    Well being Ferrari and getting die hard followers of Alonso and Raikkonen behind the team, Monte should be capitalizing on that as much as he can. Plenty of opportunities for Ferrari if they play it right!