Ricciardo reveals honey badger helmet for 2014


Red Bull newcomer Daniel Ricciardo has revealed his 2014 helmet featuring a meek looking honey badger on the back.

Explaining the presence of the honey badger image on his new lid, the Australian explained “Looks a bit docile, doesn’t it? Friendly even. But if someone steps on this little guy’s turf, if someone upsets him…mate, he’s the most fearless, most vicious creature in all the Animal Kingdom.”

Ricciardo will get his first run in the Adrian Newey penned Red Bull RB10 at Jerez next week, where he will share testing duties with his teammate, quadruple World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

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  • ashyxt

    sorry danny boy, I giggled

  • jeff

    This is funny Be brave. Webber was. Speak, Webber did. Glad to see your showing your colors. Look out for your mates, Mate.

  • Spartacus

    Daniel “Honey” Ricciardo, your number 3 looks very good on the helmet.

    Please do us all a surprisingly good favour and beat the finger boy…

  • Psych4191

    That 3 is going to get a lot of American attention. He better succeed with it or it’s going to be bad news.

  • F1 FAN

    “if Daniel wins the Championship next year, I will look stupid” Sebastian Vettel.

  • StevetheGreat

    Bleeeeech. He’s hopeless.

  • Matthew

    @Psych4191 no he won’t. The nascar crowd has little interest in F1.

  • TylerC

    Matthew, you’d be a bit surprised. You put a number 3 on a race car, especially styled like that and you’re definitely going to garner some American attention. As a former NASCAR fan myself I hope he does justice to it.