Raikkonen and Alonso agree they have the right stuff to win for Ferrari

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen with the Ferrari F14T

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen with the Ferrari F14T

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen are by far the most experienced driver pairing in Formula 1, with 411 grand prix starts between, but the the jury is out whether together they will make Ferrari the strongest team in Formula 1. The first steps in proving or disproving this were taken with the launch of the team’s 2014 car – the F14T.

Raikkonen, who won the team’s last F1 world title in 2007, said, “Will we be the strongest team? I hope we are going to be obviously… I think we will both try very hard and we both want to win. But time will tell what will happen and if we can bring the championship back to Ferrari, but I would say there is a lot of other things, especially with the new rules. We are more than capable, both of us, to be up there and fighting for championships.”

Much has been written about the partnering of Alonso and Raikkonen, but only the new season will reveal if the decision was a masterstroke by the Maranello bosses or a disaster.

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen helmets

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen helmets

Whatever the case Alonso believes if the team delivers a decent car then the the two drivers have to make the most of it, “Kimi and me as a team should be quite strong on paper because we had success in the past in Formula One. But you need to discover every year and we start from zero. If we do well we will have a very strong team and we can deliver some good results for Ferrari. If we don’t do well as a team some other teams will then have the best pair of drivers. It’s up to us to deliver and do a good job.”

Alonso last won a world title back in 2006 with renault, this is now his fifth season with Ferrari which the Spaniard believes could be a good omen as history has been good to Ferrari drivers in their fifth year with the outfit.

“Schumacher won in his fifth year with Ferrari. I’m in my fifth year now so hopefully I can repeat some of the success he had. Obviously in the last four years we had some opportunities. In 2010 and 2012 we were very close to winning the championship. This year we will try again and hopefully, it will be a good one,” mused Alonso.

The 19 race season gets underway with the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park,  in Melbourne on 16 March. Ferrari and most of their rivals begin testing at Jerez de la Frontera in Spain, starting on 28 January. (GP247)

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  • sarahsdadjeff

    Forza Ferrari.

  • Spartacus

    Please don’t compare yourself to Schumi. Ever.

  • Red Horizon

    In my opinion Fernando deserves to win at least one title with Ferrari. But if will be Kimi to win it will be fine too. May the best between them win the championship!
    Forza Ferrari!

  • McLarenfan

    That is just wrong comparing his time with Schumi’s. Alonso and Michael are worlds apart in status and in spirit.
    Get well soon Michael.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Schumi was in an era which his Ferrari lapped 3/4 of the grid almost every race.

    Nowadays you don’t find lapping as common.

  • RBC

    At least we get to compare two WDC’s in the same car. Awesome. I believe Alonso will dominate Kimi. Time will tell.

  • Spartacus

    What Alonso forgets to say is that Schumacher went to Ferrari when Ferrari didn’t have a race winning, never mind championship, winning car. Alonso has had that advantage and failed to perform to his pay grade.

    No doubt with Kimi there he’ll be more focused; especially if Ferrari give both drivers equal chances of success.

    Kimi, however, is quick and doesn’t care for BS. This is the perfect antidote to Alonso’s legendary nonsense.

    +1 to the other Spartacus’s comment on never comparing to Schumi. Get well soon.

  • pengmalups

    You can really compare how they both respond to questions. Kimi would like to see Ferrari back to the top again (even of course he wants to win WDC title again). Alonso’s answer is usually about himself again. This is why Luca gets mad at him because he thinks about himself first, and then Ferrari.

  • jules

    It is pathetic when people are trying to pick in every single word Alonso says. This is all just PR talk from the drivers. I believe Alonso has a lot of respect for MS and he is merely drawing inspiration from Schumacher success at Ferrari. Btw, Alo is the only driver to beat the great MS at his prime and when Ferrari still had one of the best cars on the track. People tend to forget that.

  • Mercedes supporter forever


    I totally agree with you… All other people know is criticize Alo for no reason..

  • Spartacus

    I’m not “the other” Spartacus.

    You are, Spartacus.

    But +0.5 to you for your good comment.

  • F1 Fan For A Long Time

    Quote Dr Azlan:

    “Schumi was in an era which his Ferrari lapped 3/4 of the grid almost every race.”

    Really? Like the 1996 Ferrari that didn’t even make the parade lap on it’s first race and was a dog of a car all year?
    Like the 1998 McLarens that lapped the entire field in Australia? Only Michael’s brilliance with awful cars in the late 90’s kept the titles alive.

    and then we can talk about the 1998 McLarens …

  • F1 Fan For A Long Time

    *make that the 1988 McLarens

    (note to site – can we edit posts please?)

  • AlsoRan

    Schumacher’s winning career was created by a pronounced
    lack of top level competition.

  • Hawk

    @whichever Spartacus
    Since a 2 time WDC and Ferrari driver should not compare to another once 2 time WDC and Ferrari driver; then go ahead and do it yourself. Compare yourself to MSC.

  • o’ferrari


    Yeah? Like prost, senna, mansell just to name a few? Michael’s first full year in f1 he beat senna and mansell. He was only beaten by the Williams. He missed out on second in the championship by a couple of points.

    Make no mistake, we ask about kimi vs alonso, but schumacher owned all of them in his heyday.

  • Jules

    O’ferrari, Schumacher owned all except for Alonso:) Alo was one of the reasons MS retired. Alo beat him 2 years in a row when Ferrari was on top. With all due respect to the great MS, I think people need to credit and recognize that Alo is a league above all the drivers currently, including Vettel, in my opinion. If it wasn’t for a better built car RB had, Vettel would at best have only won 2 WDC and Alonso the other 2.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Respectfully, You can go back all throughout time and say “if this driver had that car he’s be this many WDC instead of that many”. We can play that game all day and it goes absolutely nowhere.

    Just as some get irritated by the constant parsing about everything Alonso says, Some others get equally bothered by the faction that likes “blame the car” for Vettel’s successes.

    Respect goes both ways.

  • sebolonso

    It will be extremely interesting reading, when fanatical Fernando supporters tries to explain why their semi god is beaten time after time by Kimi, here on the site. How can best and most complete driver lose. I will enjoy every second off it, when publicly created collective myth and lie falls apart. Buaah…hahahahaaaaa!

  • o’ferrari


    To be fair, Ferrari weren’t on top in 2005 and 2006. But, I still agree with you somewhat. Alonso was able to take all the pressure dished out by kimi (2005) and schu (2006).

    Reliability woes for mclaren and Ferrari handed alonso his championships in the final races, but a 37 year old schumacher was starting to show a few chinks in the armour against young nando.

    I think alonso was at his best in 2012. I wonder if he is on a downward spiral.

  • I watched 2005 season

    On 2005 ferrari/scumacher were not fighting to the wins. it was an affair between alonso and kimi. Kimi had the faster car but broke often (3 times leading the race) and alonso had a good and very reliable car as we’ve often seen with renault. He wasn’t the fastest but picked up points more often then kimi.
    They both won 7 races.On normal circumstances should have been 10 wins to kimi and 4 to Alonso. And you can check on wikipedia about 2005 season.

    Alonso won not because he owned kimi. He won because he had a more reliable car.
    On similar equipment i think kimi would have won that year.

    This year it will be interesting between these two guys.
    Alonso is favorite to dominate but Kimi is not your ordinary sunday driver.
    Really looking forward and may the best driver win.

  • Spartacus

    C’mon guys, Alonso won in ’05 & ’06 because of the suspension system on the Renault. Schumi won his first 2 titles because of traction control. (Both systems illegal at that time)

    Both drivers won their first 2 titles under who else but the fat briatore. And fatty was good at cheating.

    Many suspect Kettel won his first 2 titles because of the flexi wing.

    Let’s just sit back and see which team manages to “cheat” it way through this season!

    Anyway, hasn’t this sport been tainted beyond recognition?

  • el vicepresidente

    you back you S..of B…. remember you are a bad person whe do not need your opinion.
    Remember have safe sex and go F….yourself
    Forza Ferrari,Forza Michael get well soon,and Forza Alonzo & Kimi

  • stoner (original)

    Kimi won 7 races and Alonso won 6 races in 2005

  • Spartacus

    Nowadays the sport is about who can outsmart, cheat the governing body and whole fiasco of stupid dramas. Super drivers won’t matter anymore now. Gone are the days where the drivers matter!

  • NoMansLand

    Atomic explosion now will be the key who knows maybe ice cream needed to boost ferrari V6 turbo to finish the race:) kimi might share his treat to alonso to go faster:)