Ferrari unveils the F14T their weapon to bring the F1 title back to Maranello

Ferrari F14T

Ferrari F14T

Ferrari have unveiled their much anticipated F14T, the weapon Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen will have at their disposal to bring Formula 1 World Championship titles back to Maranello.

The sport’s most famous team team unveiled the car that carries their title hopes for 2014 during an online reveal on Saturday.

The F14T, which was named by fans in an online poll, was a collective product of some of the best minds in motor racing including the likes of James Allison, Nicholas Tombazis and Pat Fry under the leadership of Team Principal Stefano Domenicali.

Ferrari F14T

Ferrari F14T

The F14 T is the sixtieth car built by Ferrari specifically to take part in the Formula 1 World Championship. The name comes from the combination of the current year and the introduction of the turbo-compressor in the Power Unit.

Although the traditional gestation period for a new Formula 1 design is a little over twelve months, this project, which goes by the internal code name 665, began life more than two years ago. 2014 is an exceptional year in the history of the sport, with a raft of rule changes that commanded an early start to allow the ground up revision of every aspect of the car’s design.

To cope with the unprecedented challenge of running three car projects simultaneously during 2012, the Scuderia was fortunate to be able to call on the talents of experienced engineers to guide the project in its early stages.

Ferrari F14T

Ferrari F14T


Followers of the Scuderia will be able to see some of the heritage of earlier Ferrari designs in the F14 T – the obvious areas of continuity are the pull-rod front and rear suspension. However, beyond this superficial similarity there is little to connect the 2014 car to its predecessors. Externally, the car is very different to the cars of recent years. Changes to the regulations to lower the chassis and nose in the interests of driver safety give the F14 T a very different appearance to the F138 and presented the designers with a real challenge to repackage the front suspension into a much lower monocoque. The 2014 rear wing family shares nothing with the previous year owing to three rule changes requiring a much larger stroke DRS, a much smaller overall rear wing depth and removal of the beam wing, thereby requiring the main plane to be supported by central pillars. The front wing is regulated to be 75mm narrower per side in order to make it less vulnerable to collisions with other cars and with the barriers. This change, perhaps one of the less noticeable visual differences to the 2013 cars, has a profound effect on the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The front wings used since 2009 have all featured elaborate measures to encourage the wake of the front wing endplates to pass around the outside of the front tyres in order to maximize the downforce on the car. A seemingly innocent change of just 75mm to the position of the wing tip has required us to reinvent completely the front wing aerodynamics for 2014.


Ferrari F14T


Although the external differences are striking, the largest areas of difference occur beneath the skin of the car. The new car has completely different cooling requirements from any of its predecessors. Engine oil and water radiators shrink in size to match the relatively smaller V6 internal combustion part of the Power Unit. However, new homes had to be found to accommodate an intercooler for the turbo-compressor system and to manage heat ejection from ERS components that is many times greater than that of their KERS antecedents. Given that more cooling allows more horsepower, but more cooling also damages downforce generation, it was necessary to decide very carefully on the correct level of overall cooling for the car to render the best lap time compromise between horsepower and downforce. This is one of the key areas where having both Power Unit and chassis under one roof has been strongly to the benefit of the Scuderia. Having chosen the correct overall level of cooling to supply, packaging the resultant cooler elements, and managing the correct airflow to them is something which has absorbed a very large investment of design time to ensure that the F14 T is able to retain the sharply tapered bodywork that allows efficient extraction of downforce from the design.

Ferrari F14T

Ferrari F14T


The braking system has been completely redesigned to adapt the car to the change in the regulations: This has involved ensuring greater capacity on the front axle, while working with Brembo to reduce the size of the hydraulic caliper at the rear to compensate for the greater braking effort that is supplied by the ERS motor. In addition, as permitted by the regulation, the F14 T will have a brake-by-wire system for the first time to allow us to optimize pedal consistency and brake balance control as the ERS braking contribution changes during the braking manoeuvre.


The 2014 Power Units produce greater peak power than their 2013 counterparts and do so at lower RPM, but with higher torque. Furthermore, the regulations require us to fix a choice of just 8 ratios for the season. This places very different requirements on the transmission than any previous generation of Formula 1 cars. The F14 T transmission has been designed with the aim of ensuring that we continue to enjoy highly efficient delivery of power through the drivetrain while producing class leading starts and high levels of reliability.

Weight and tyres:

The sheer complexity of the 2014 regulations produces a layout that is significantly harder to deliver beneath the weight limit (691 kg) than in previous years. Weight control has been an important part of the project from the outset in order to deliver a car with a workable amount of ballast that will permit us to operate and develop the car through the season. Equally important will be the car’s integration with the new tyres that Pirelli are introducing this year. The ability of the F14 T to get the most out of their characteristics will be one of the cornerstones in terms of seeing if our overall efforts will deliver the hoped for results.

Technical Specifications:

  • Chassis in carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite structure
  • Ferrari longitudinal gearbox
  • Servo controlled hydraulic limited-slip differential
  • Semiautomatic sequential and electronically controlled gearbox with quick shift
  • Number of gears: 8 +Reverse
  • Brembo ventilated carbon-fibre disc brakes (front and rear) and brake by wire rear brakes
  • Independent suspension, pull-rod activated torsion springs front and rear
  • Weight with water, lubricant and driver: 691 kg
  • OZ Wheels (front and rear)………..13″
Displacement 1600 cc
Max revs 15’000
Turbo charging Single turbo
Fuel flow 100 kg/hr max
Fuel capacity 100 kg
Configuaration V6 90°
Cylinders 6
Bore 80 mm
Stroke 53 mm
Valves 4 per cylinder
Injection 500 bar – direct
Units per driver 5
Battery Energy (per lap) 4 Mj
MGU-K power 120 kW
MGU-K max revs 50’000 rpm
MGU-H max revs 125’000 rpm


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  • K-15-

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  • Knight

    The nose on this Ferrari is horrendously ugly. To be fair, all the car’s noses are ugly. I can’t bring myself to love/ aesthetically appreciate the new generation of F1 cars.

    The powers that be (FIA, F1 Management, etc) need to intervene URGENTLY!!!

  • RBC

    Just when I thought these cars could not get any uglier!

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    fear not. with this vacuum cleaner nose, we will suck every pole and win up.

  • njellis

    Aesthetically, I don’t like the stepped nose. It’s certainly not as attractive as the McLaren. That said, I won’t care if it’s fast.

    Having seen it for about 30 mins now though, I don’t hate it as much as I did initially …

  • MightyK

    And I was wondering why the integration of MORE black in the paint scheme. Why even invite a chance to be confused with a Marussia. Don’t like or understand.

  • Knight

    Don’t think Nando or Kimi (or their girlfriends) will sleep well tonight.

  • hump rumor

    force India somehow managed to copy ferrari’s design… looks like ferrari’s firewall is not up to the mark to indian hackers…

  • hump rumor

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    We are now getting cars with different designs and you all just keep complaining. I like new Ferrari, I like the new McLaren and I also like the now Lotus.

    I hope there are a few more different designs as the teams reveal their cars. That is what makes F1 better. The past few years have been nothing but clones of each others cars. Boring.

  • bryan

    to all you doubters, its all about the stopwatch

  • fawx


    i was actually being serious. the looks dont matter as long as we are faster than the rest, and more importantly, more reliable.

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  • Taskmaster

    On a positive note, the Ferrari 312T4’s reign as the ugliest Ferrari ever built has finally come to an end. It’s great to see Ferrari still has what it takes to turn a gut wrench!

  • Nkoli

    Here we go again, the ugliest thing so far. The red Catfish F14T,can’t wait for Merc now!!

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  • Spartacus

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  • Nkoli

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    Surprised Kimi would be seen in such an ugly car!

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    Yes, we complain about the way these things look, because auto sport has always had an aesthetic aspect to it, it is part of the sports imagery. Nothing sells seats and merchandise faster than quick beautiful cars – something the F1 has lost sight of as the cars become heavier, slower and now uglier than ever.

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    Wow, you’re really stupid…. even for kimi fanboi.

    Although, perhaps kimi will just refuse to drive it because of its looks and will take another paid year off – like 2010.

    Yeah, I’m sure many drivers would refuse to drive a Ferrari F1 car because it wasn’t pretty enough.

    Have fun at school, Steve.

  • DickDastardly

    unfortunately ferrari will win nothing with LOLonso and kimi. alonso will attempt to blackmail steffano dominicali as a result of the challenge of kimi, and will want car development to his style. LOLonso failed to beat a rookie in the same car which proves why alonso is not able to beat other good drivers in the same car. the thing is LOLonso is a slow driver and is responsible for ferraris lack of development. he has done nothing but get worse and worse each year. hamilton, vettel and kimi are superior drivers. i feel sorry for kimi having to have a narcissistic devious man as a team mate, because all LOLonso will do is bring kimi and ferrari down with him

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  • Badman Jose

    Why all the noise about how the car looks? Looks dose not
    equal speed. Looks never produced a winner. How the car
    looks is just Dog biscuits for the uninformed..
    I have never seen an ugly F1 car, different yes interesting yes,
    engineering maestros, abstruse design at its best.
    Have you ever looked closely at the design of a ‘paper clip’ simplicity at best. I sure would not call a Paper Clip ugly..


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  • 34

    When Senna raced F1 cars were considered nimble and quick, and Indycars slow, heavy and sluggish.

    F1 cars then were 850hp and 505kg and indycars 900hp and 700kg.

    Now F1 cars are 750hp, 720kg.

    It is a joke.

    And they look like this now?

    Byebye, I watch MotoGP.

  • Brave_Heart

    Far better looking car then what we’ve seen this year.

    looks fast too, some really innovative approach with rear end, specially the pillar mounted around exhaust outlet. Super work.. i am sure other will explore the idea.

    Also i noticed the Nose camera somehow plays some role in channeling air “Somewhere”… Sneaky??

    Relatively small radiator intakes compared to Mclaren and Williams, guess they have some solutions for managing heat! which i am afraid we will never see…

  • Asuha

    Ferrari have always said at the beginning of each season that they have the right car to win…its hard to believe them. Last season they developed to be the 4th fastest car.
    Ferrari have to know that Newey is going to kick their stupid ass again & again….never mind the others…spaghetti source

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