Dispute brewing between Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari

Mercedes V6 turbo Formula 1 engine

Mercedes V6 turbo Formula 1 engine

Reports have emerged that even before the new V6 turbo engines are fired up in anger, a dispute is brewing between Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that the dispute is over whether a protective cover for the turbocharger, weighing a crucial 3 or 4 kilograms, is necessary.

Mercedes and Renault argue that the cover is needed for safety reasons in the event of a turbo failure, but Ferrari wants to leave the cover off.

“Next week there will be a clarifying conversation with the FIA,” wrote correspondent Tobias Gruner. “Renault will apparently show a film of what happens when a turbocharger explodes.” (GMM)

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  • Hawk

    This story seems to be hidden. Why?

  • Hawk

    Seen now. Withdraw my last comment.

  • sarahsdadjeff

    This gets better all the time.

  • Steve W

    It’s simple. Ferrari will get to leave the cover off and everyone else will have to have it…

  • f1fanatic67

    During the turbo era we were certainly treated to some incredible pyrotechnics! It sure looks like we will again be seeing some mind blowing fireworks this year. Early on the rate of attrition will be an interesting story to watch. Everyone involved in the production of these new power units seem to be concerned about comprehensive failures.

  • RBC

    Haaaa F1’s year of comedy…

  • Janjua

    Come on Renault, show them the correct way. In Italy haven’t they ever seen an exploding turbo?, don’t they know the effects it can have.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Kind of sounds like they are not to confident with their engines. Just leave it off. I would to see a f1 turbo exploding in person this year.

  • Nick S

    Steve W: unfortunately, that may be the conclusion they come to.

  • StevetheGreat

    The disregard for safety is inexcusable!

  • Mario Azzopardi

    who have seen f1 for a long while know what happines

  • RBC

    Engines explode, batteries explode, alternators melt down, fuel burns. All dangerous stuff behind the driver. Should we put it all in a big box? But the turbo exploding, that’s a lot more dangerous than anything else. I’d put it in a box.

  • AlsoRan

    Ferrari obviously having weight problems.

  • o’ferrari

    Weight problems with kimi (glug glug)

  • Michael

    They could hire some jockeys, problem solved 😉

  • More like Mercedes and Renault have turbo reliability problems

    Sounds more like Mercedes and Renault have reliability problems with their own turbo chargers while Ferrari has not had any issues.

    So the other two are forced to put their turbo in a heavy box and they want Ferrari to suffer the same weight penalty for their own faulty design.

  • James

    3-4 kg is less than 1% of car’s weight, how noticeable will the difference in lap time be?

  • F1fanat1c

    that is stil 3-4kg that they can use as ballast to play around 😉