Rosberg: I’m very happy that smarter F1 drivers will benefit from the new turbo era

Nico Rosberg looking forward to 2014

Nico Rosberg looking forward to 2014

Formula 1 has indicated that the new generation V6 turbo powered cars, and the numerous technical changes to regulations, will play into the hands of smarter drivers which is a prospect that Nico Rosberg is relishing.

Asked by Racer how he felt about the possibility that the role of F1 drivers will be more important in future, Rosberg responded, “I’m very happy about that, and I think I can get an advantage out of that, even more so than before.”

“The tires are going to be different, the car aerodynamics are going to be different, the engine is totally different, the way the braking works with the KERS and so on. As drivers, we’re going to have to adapt a lot.”

Nico Rosberg curious how different the 2014 cars will be

Nico Rosberg not concerned how different the 2014 cars will be

“In general. It’s not always easy, but all of us do it to a certain extent, because that’s what the sport is about, adapting from one lap to the next. It’s changing all the time. The main difference is obviously the engine, and not having the Coanda exhaust.”

“So you have all that torque, but less grip on corner exits. But it’s like when traction control left: we were all panicking but then it was actually very straightforward,” said the Mercedes driver.

“I’m not very concerned. There will be a lot of work going into fuel consumption and managing your race, and things like that. So I don’t think it’s going to be boring for the fans,” added Rosberg who will again be teammate to Lewis Hamilton in the Silver Arrows team in 2014. (GP247)

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