Rosberg drives new Mercedes F1 car at Silverstone

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg

Amid a flurry of ‘leaked’ photos of new Formula 1 cars and the start of the first online reveals of 2014 car launches by teams, Mercedes gave their new car an early shakedown at Silverstone.

Rosberg wrote on Twitter: “Such a great feeling. Just drove my new Silver Arrow for the first time. It looks quick, but I don’t know if it is quick yet!”

The team revealed, “Mercedes AMG Petronas today completed a first day of running with a full 2014 specification Formula 1 car during a filming day at Silverstone.”

“The new F1 W05, powered by the PU106A Hybrid Power Unit, opened a new era of F1 at 14:21 this afternoon when it left the garage for the first time in cold but dry conditions at Silverstone.”

“Driven by Nico Rosberg, the car completed a total of 40 km before dusk at 16:30.¬†The team will now ready the F1 W05 for its public track debut in Jerez on Tuesday 28 January.”

On Twitter the team confirmed the driving schedule for the Jerez test: “We can also confirm the driver line-up for Jerez testing next week: Lewis Day 1, Nico Day 2, Lewis Day 3, Nico Day 4…”

It has also emerged on Twitter that Toro Rosso drivers have also had track time with the new STR9 at Misano: “And now… the track! Today we had a successful filming day @circuitomisano with @JeanEricVergne and @Dany_Kvyat #F1 #STR9 #TOROUNCHAINED.” (GP247)

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  • Matthew

    Secretly testing pirellis new design on the 14s first? KIDDING! *Leaves room*

  • Krunksoft

    Here’s the new Ferrari:

  • Dr. Azlan

    Is Nico’s 40km drive legal? No testing means no testing.

  • Spartacus

    They’re allowed to do straight line testing, I believe, just not on a bendy racing circuit. Even then I don’t think they’re allowed competition tyres either. Just enough to prove that systems are functional, but without getting much performance data from them.

  • RBC

    It’s a filming day and totally LEGAL. Learn the rules.

  • StevetheGreat

    Totally legal – and smart – as each team is allowed 2 days of promotional testing with 100kms each. Force India and Toro Rosdo both opted to do the same with the latter testing in Misano.

    And you call yourself fans.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Great info. Thanks to all.