Robserg reveals new helmet design


When Lewis Hamilton joined Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes team, distinguishing between the two –  with both drivers using yellow helmets – was not always an easy task.

No worries for 2014 as Rosberg has changed his lemon yellow helmet design to black with VI (roman numeral for 6) in chrome on the side and Nico in turquoise, which is unlikely to be confused with Hamilton’s canary yellow lid.

Rosberg revealed the new design on Twitter. (GP247)

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  • Spartacus

    It’s a shame that Rosberg has had to change his helmet design when he’s been in the team for many years before Hamilton.

    Let’s hope he has a superb season.

  • Joost

    Yeah, let’s whine about that Spartacus… All Hamilton’s fault :-)

  • Greysnowogre

    Interesting interpretation of the new rule requiring new driver numbers to be prominently displayed on the drivers helmet as well as the car – I’d assumed everyone would use standard (arabic) numerals rather than roman. Will we see some binary too? :)

  • Spartacus

    VI for VIctory…

    Go Britney Go!!!

  • Brit media at it again

    Really……Robserg? Did He change his name to Robserg as well?

    @ Spartacus
    Rosberg never committed to a helmet design like Lewis has since his Karting days.
    To add, Rosberg’s Helmet was only yellow since 2010 as a Mercedes driver, driving the yellow topped car (gloves and shoes yellow as well), while Schumacher had a red helmet driving the red topped car (gloves and shoes red as well)
    All red topped cars are now Black since 2013. Hence you saw Lewis wearing the Black gloves and black shoes, but sticking with his dedicated choice of helmet.

  • What? No plain helmet?

    What? No plain helmet like he and Hamilton used during their illegal in season test last season in their 2013 race cars?

  • Brit media at it again

    Rosberg will be in the (2nd car) black topped car now.
    Hence the Black helmet. Shoes and gloves will be Black as well.

    I’m just wondering though… Lewis will be in car number 1 now, but I don’t think he will opted for yellow gloves and yellow shoes.

    People please note I said car 1 and car 2. I did not say number 1 or number 2 driver. They are equal stated.
    Before the anti Hamiltons descend.

  • Spartacus

    Yes, indeed! Just want to see Rosberg given a fair crack at racing. He’s held up against Schumacher, and Hamilton too. I believe Hamilton can be one of the greatest F1 drivers when the real one turns up, but Rosberg is there always.

    No preference between them; just want to see them doing their best.

  • Rosberg kicked Schumacer’s butt and drove back to retirement

    Rosberg kick Schumacher’s rear end for three years running and drove Schumacher back into retirement.

  • RBC

    @What? No plain helmet?

    Yeah because those plain helmets somehow managed to hide the fact that it said MERCEDES down the side of the F1 cars. Oh wait, it didn’t do that, and anyone who thinks that was a way of hiding the cars during the test must be brain dead. That means YOU.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Just wish they did not have the rubbish Monster energy logo. americans trying to promote a rubbish drink on a F1 team. Cant they do it if Haas joins F1. An american brand in a american f1 car which like all american cars will only be good for straight line speed and horrible at cornering. Just saying mates.

  • haha

    I don’t like numbers on the helmet, there’s already so much sponsoring on it that it cancels any personal design. Love the Ferrari horse on a helmet, Schumi, Felipe and Kimi always had nice ones.

  • Hawk

    @What@plain helmet…
    That’s funny

  • Matthew


    you british people and your jealousy of americans is getting old. Hate on our cars all you want, but our gas doesn’t cost so much that we are stuck driving little hatchbacks and thinking 0-60mph in 9 seconds is acceptable. Are you forgetting that british sports cars are only good for corners? Oh wait…. and leaking oil.

    Not trying to be overly harsh west, I normally agree with 99% of what you write. Just pointing out how silly it is to bundle up the largest car market in the world into one stereotype. Oh… and monster is pretty tasty btw. (low sugar version anyway)

  • A41202813GMAIL

    GO, 44 !