Mercedes welcomes Ecclestone ‘demotion’

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

Mercedes have always made it known that they are uncomfortable participating in Formula 1 with the bad press attracted by the sport’s uber-boss, Bernie Ecclestone, and his high profile court cases.

A Mercedes spokesperson told CityAM, “With the start of the court procedures Bernie Ecclestone is suspending his duties as director of [F1 parent company] Delta Topco with immediate effect. We welcome these measures.”

Ecclestone, who denies wrongdoing, will step down as an F1 director pending the conclusion of a trial scheduled to start in Germany in late April, but will run the business on a day-to-day basis.

On 16 January Delta Topco said in a statement, ”After discussion with the board, Mr Ecclestone has proposed and the board has agreed that until the case has been concluded, he will step down as a director with immediate effect, thereby relinquishing his board duties and responsibilities until the case has been resolved.” (GP247)

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  • Mercedes Has Credibility Problems

    What a joke, Mercedes the team who blatantly cheated buy conducting an illegal in season test with their 2013 cars using their race drivers Hamilton and Rosberg having them wear plain helmets to try and disguise who they were.

    Yeah Mercedes you have no credibility and will forever be branded as cheaters.

    My advice Mercedes is for your company to drop out of Formula One.

    As for Bernie what has really changed, he is still running the business. He stepping down is a joke, one of those wink wink nod nod deals.

    Sorry Mercedes but your credibility was forever lost last season.

  • Urko

    Exactly! Looks like Germans are the only nation with balls. Christian Horner & the other Bernie’s ass lickers has got a lot to learn;))

  • Sean

    So glad to see Mercedes are taking the stand against the corruption in Motorsport and …..

    Hang on, WHAT? … are you kidding me … Mercedes / Chrysler had to settle a $200m bribery charge only 3 years ago, government bribery too, the best kind … eh? They have got to be fooking joking?

    Mercedes, go home, your drunk! …

    Idiots … talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  • creepy Neighbour

    Hahahahaha look who is talking!!! Someone really doesnt have the moral authority to say this! But I agree with Urko the Germans have got the balls to say what everyone in the F1 circus fears to say about the Octogenarian!

  • RBC

    @Mercedes Has Credibility Problems

    Mercedes conducted what they believed was a legal test after they asked the FIA lawyer if they could do it, and they were told it was OK.

    They didn’t paint their cars a secret color and they didn’t go to a secret test track. They did use their cars with obvious livery and stayed at the track after the race in clear view.

    So while you think that plain helmets somehow hid their cars from view, the fact that they had MERCEDES painted on the side would mean only a FOOL would be unable to see that it was Mercedes F1 cars on track.

  • LOL

    Oh come on guys. mercedes cheats just as much as ferrari or red bull. No one is a bigger cheater than mcclaren.