McLaren launches the MP4-29 in a period of unprecedented change for the team

McLaren MP4-29

McLaren MP4-29

Press Release: A period of unprecedented change – both in Formula 1 and within the team itself – is the backdrop against which McLaren launches its latest grand prix challenger, the all-new MP4-29.

2014: Formula 1 begins its reinvention

Gone are normally aspirated engines – a Formula 1 mainstay for a quarter of a century; in their place come 1.6-litre V6 power-units, which sophisticatedly integrate turbo-charging and turbo-compounding, fuel-flow restrictions, and a powerful energy recovery system.

These new regulations will enable teams to harness both traditional internal combustion and electrical energies. They further underline Formula 1’s relevance as a pioneer of future road car technologies, represent the biggest and most dynamic change to the sport since its inception in 1950, and are duly destined to re-shape grand prix racing.

McLaren, too, faces a period of dynamic change: the organisation has not only embraced the extreme technical and strategic challenges posed by the new regulations, it has simultaneously been growing and developing ahead of even bigger and more exciting future partnerships.

McLaren MP4-29

McLaren MP4-29

MP4-29: a frozen snapshot of intense development

We have responded to the disappointment of our 2013 season by pragmatically framing our approach to the technical challenge. The new MP4-29, revealed today, is a sensible and calculated response to the new regulations.

But it is very much a frozen snapshot of the design team’s steep development curve, and, as such, a machine that will potentially undergo more technical change throughout a single season than any other car in McLaren’s long and illustrious history.

The challenge for 2014 is to build-in both performance and reliability – something that can no longer be taken for granted given the steep technical challenge ahead.

And that is entirely as it should be: for this season will be Formula 1’s steepest-ever learning curve.

It is also a time of transition. Our final season with our engine partner, Mercedes-Benz, will be our 20th together, before we begin an exciting new journey with Honda from 2015.

Kevin Magnussen, Jenson Button and Stoffel Vandoorne with the McLaren MP4-29

Kevin Magnussen, Jenson Button and Stoffel Vandoorne with the McLaren MP4-29

McLaren drivers: the perfect blend of styles

Jenson Button, the 2009 Formula 1 World Champion, remains for his fifth season at McLaren. For 2014, his experience, level-headedness and innate ability to read the behaviour of a racing car will be a powerful asset to our engineers, designers and analysts.

Kevin Magnussen arrives in Formula 1 with a stunning record in Renault Word Series 3.5, grand prix racing’s feeder series, and, crucially, no preconceptions. Having already devoted hundreds of hours to refining and developing our 2014 car in the McLaren simulator, his eagerness and commitment will sync perfectly with Jenson’s experience, providing us with a perfectly balanced driver pairing.

McLaren MP4-29

McLaren MP4-29

Powering the market with world-beating expertise

McLaren is leading the evolution of sports partnerships. The breadth of the McLaren Group’s experience and expertise presents a wealth of opportunities for innovative technical integration with our partners, which can have an impact way beyond the racetrack.

Whether it be extensive engagement with ExxonMobil to develop new lubricant technology, which can help McLaren Mercedes cars on the grand prix circuit, and ultimately improve the efficiency of consumer cars; developing new lightweight coatings with AkzoNobel; or working closely with SAP to develop and implement innovative data analytics techniques, our work with partners goes way beyond what can be described as sports sponsorship.

Our strategic partnership with GSK is now also in its third year and is breaking new ground from manufacturing to pharmaceutical R&D.

Race technology is helping to improve the delivery of experimental trials into new medicines. Working with GSK we are using telemetry systems, which are inspired by the way we monitor our cars, to collect real-time data about the recovery of patients taking part in drug trials. These are at an early stage, but in future it’s hoped that being able to take a constant stream of reliable information about a patient could significantly enhance the already robust process of drug evaluation.

Our commitment to innovation and creativity does not stop with technology projects, but extends to the implementation of marketing campaigns with and on behalf of our partners. Santander recently announced a renewal of their major eight-year partnership with us, and this reflects the continued impact that our creative marketing campaigns can have.

The depth of trust and respect we enjoy with our partners has allowed us to extend record-breaking relationships with the likes of Hugo Boss (33 years), TAG Heuer (29 years), Kenwood (24 years), ExxonMobil and Mercedes-Benz (20 years) and SAP (16 years), Johnnie Walker and Hilton (nine years).

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  • haha

    Bweirk fugly car is that?

  • Beer Monster

    The nose looks like a willy!

  • MAx Max

    Well from the front view the car look awesome! But the side oh god!

  • frengostop

    This is the ugliest car I’ve seen in the 30 years I follow F1

  • Tamburello_1994

    That looks absolutely hideous.

    Time isn’t going to change my opinion. First impressions are lasting ones.

  • Brit media at it again

    Looking at the the front end of this car, i have a funny suspicion that the W05 mercedes is going to be a real silver arrow, narrowing from the cockpit all the way to the anteater nose which will disguise the droop anteater nose while maximising airflow.

    That is if they can get that type of design structurally sound at the crash test.

  • NoDriverBias

    I think it looks pretty nice… Then again I also found alien from “alien” aesthetically pleasing.

    Looks much better than the new Lotus! That looks like a lumberjack has had a hack at it!

  • getwellsoonf1

    Ffs that is one disturbing looking front end. And I thought the Williams looked phallic. I can only imagine all the jokes that were made when the build happened.

  • Matthew

    @getwellsoonf1 Exactly! Imagine what they were saying when the guy polishing the car got to the front!

  • haha

    It is not worse than the stepped noses of 2012 but that’s the only relief. Knowing Mclaren always have one of the best looking cars it doesn’t promise a lot for the other cars.

  • Michael

    Vettel: What happend to my rear? Pitt: Hmm, it looks like you just got f*cked by a Mclaren mp-4 29;-)

  • haha

    I also think Merc won’t be that happy with this livery.

  • Tsk tsk

    Any design that is atleast congruent front to back could be liked by someone, somewhere.

    This design is just idiotically ugly. A dildo sticking out of the front.

  • AFA

    The McLarens have been grey and black for the past 15 years! Perhaps when Mercedes decided to re-enter F1 they should have picked different colours so as not to be confused with McLaren!

    Who cares about how it looks? I just hope they can win races in it!!

    Also, I am particularly fond of the new drivers’ suits!! Much better than the previous ones! Not that those were ugly. These are more elegant, if of course one can say that about a racing suit!! 😀

  • Taskmaster

    Gives me the same feeling I get from taking a swig of spoiled milk. Not the ugliest F1 car ever – there have been some seriously hideous machines, designed intentionally without imposing regs – March 711 anyone? – but this most certainly will top the list of ugliest in McLaren’s history. Their cars are usually quite good looking…. unlike this thing. I think the FIA building and board room should be wall-papered with the images of the 2014 cars in full to 2X full scale, and every member of the committee be forced to have rolling images of the cars as their screen saver. Perhaps after living with them intimately (which is perhaps an obscene thought with the McLaren nose), they will pull their collective committee heads out.

  • MAx Max

    @AFA lol silver is Mercs colour even before Mclaren was a formula 1 team!

  • LOL

    If anything comes out of that hole in the tip… I’m done. I will walk away from f1. haha

  • Boycottthebull

    Whats that Monty Python Sketch, “Dont you call my car dick nose”

  • Krunksoft

    This obsession about the nose looking like a penis makes me wonder about some of you.

  • StevetheGreat

    Walrus tusks with a penis tip. Shame what the rules have done to what was once the pinnacle of racing.

    Nice colour though!

  • fools


    well said.

  • F1 sucks now

    sync perfectly with Jenson’s experience ????? so they mean that is been an ugly experience with Jenson ? one thing is for sure what and ugly front !

  • Vic

    Overall, I don’t think the design is all that bad. Why no pics of the rear? Is this a pushrod front end or did they stick to pullrod?

  • Johnnyeight08

    There is an awful lot of ad space on the car. I wonder of that will change before the car is out on the track?

  • Eevel

    I think that it looks awesome! I really like it!
    Then I liked the stepped noses too.
    I always find it interesting how teams get around the rules.

  • McLarenfan

    Not the best looking car but is it the fastest?

  • Krunksoft

    I like the look too. It’s different. I didn’t like the stepped noses but I got over that quickly. I like the Lotus too with the “walrus” nose. Cannot wait to see all the cars! So far Force India has the hottest livery.

  • RBC

    When the front of the McLaren hits the front of the Lotus in a crash then F1 will really be fu(#ed. The penis nose and the vagina nose unite!

  • the fan

    the car looks fine to me but the obvious thing is that you can never tell if what you’ll be seeing on the track is a mclaren or an MGP.

  • David

    Somewhere in the myriad FIA rulings might be found the following:
    “Where appropriate the noses of certain 2014 cars may be fitted with protective rubber sheaths. Teams should be aware that if the host country of any GP is mainly Catholic they may be required to remove them.”

  • abc

    I can already imagine the commentators having a field day when one of these cars puts it in the rear of another one.

  • McLarenfan

    The norm is to call all cars Female but with that on the front is it a he a she or a bit of both.

  • Sppeed

    There is a rumour that Vettel is still deciding whether to name his car ”Very Kinky Kyle” or ”Transexual Tracey”!