Lotus gives glimpse of convention defying E22 with ‘walrus’ style nose

Lotus E22 graphic rendering

Lotus E22 graphic rendering

Lotus has followed on from Force India and Williams by releasing a digitally rendered image of their 2014 car, the the E22, before it even turns a wheel.

The Renault powered E22, which will miss Jerez next week and only run in the second pre-season test of the year in Bahrain, features a highly unusual split nose design which is a big departure from the ‘anteater’ style nose seen on other 2014 cars.

The double pronged front wing assembly is reminiscent to the Williams ‘walrus’ style nosecone seen on the Williams FW26 in 2004.

Lotus E22

Lotus E22

The car will be driven by Romain Grosjean and, newcomer to the team, Pastor Maldonado.

PDVSA, Maldonado’s backers, have prominent positions on the rear wing and on the side of the cockpit area, just behind the driver.

Earlier on Friday, the team announced that Genii boss and Lotus co-chairman Gerard Lopez has become their new Team Principal following the departure of Eric Boullier.

At the same time Lopez announced the advent of a new backer in the form of YotaPhone, a smart mobile phone producer, “We are proud to announce that we have concluded an agreement with YotaPhone and its shareholders. YotaPhone shareholders will become important partners to Genii and YotaPhone a sponsor to the Lotus F1 team this year.”

YotaPhone branding appears on the E22’s front wing end plates.

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  • StevetheGreat

    Actually the Mclaren is more like the Williams Walrus tusk nose and this Loltus is more of a vagina-nose. Fitting, imo.

  • Matthew

    Very fitting considering crashtor will be facing the wrong way a lot.

  • Johnnyeight08

    Strange that the nose is asymetrical, one of the “prongs” looks longer than the other. Very odd indeed.

  • Shin

    It’s odd, but very smart! The longer prong is the actual asymmetrical crash structure. The other prong is more of a vanity panel. Unbelievable that the got this crash structure through the front crash test. They have an aero benefit if they’re the only team who thought of this

  • haha

    Johny, I think the only foto lotus released is the one above that you see on every site. The other pic is just bad fotoshop I think. If it is asymetric the longer end will depend on the track layout and amount of left/right corners.

  • UglyLotusNoseExpert

    The nose is in fact asymmetrical! The purpose being that regulations dictate that the main body of a nose must be singular and can’t be split into two. Having one prong longer than the other allows for the longer prong to be considered the main nose, with the other prong being a growth… I think it was extended after failing the crash test to bypass the rule.

  • super seven


    The name ‘Lotusk’ springs to mind

  • RBC

    @haha and @Johnny. The nose sides are asymmetrical in order to get around the rules that say they can have only one nose. The shorter nose is part of the crash structure and not therefore technically the nose. So they found a loophole in the rules.

  • the fan

    its getting uglier with every car release

  • Nowhereman

    Lets see it run.
    I hold my beauty comments until I see performance.

  • StevetheGreat

    Lol at the arm-chair geniuses. It’s assymetrical to suit the regs which call for a “single nose” so the longer one meets that purpose. Both also work as mounts for the wing as well as tuning vanes. Keep learning!

  • Hawk

    Atleast I have now seen a beautiful car not the penis nose. Hope it’s as good on performance.

  • o’ferrari

    @ Stevethegreatbigidiot

    You wouldn’t know if your bum was on fire.

    Bloody 12 years olds ….

  • harry harris

    Is it true??????? where is he heading to?

  • Johnnyeight08

    @Rbc I just read that and it’s stuff like this that for me makes formula one interesting, is all of these different “interpretations” of the rules that either are strokes of genius or moments of madness. I’m secretly hoping for one team to find one monster interpretation that makes their car blow away the rest. Something similar to the Brawn double diffuser which made their car like 2 seconds faster straight out of the box.

  • RBC

    @JohnnyEight08, I’m looking forward to F1 being a race between lawyers who interpret the rules, and the drivers sit in the garage waiting for the lawyers to decide who wins. NOT!