Fans decide Ferrari F14T will be the name of Maranello’s 2014 challenger

Ferrari fans decide on F14T

Ferrari fans decide on F14T

The car with which Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen will fly the Scuderia Ferrari flag in this year’s Formula 1 World Championship will be called the F14T. Prancing Horse fans from around the globe chose the name in a ballot that ran online from 15 January to midnight last night.

“It’s nice to know the name of the car has been chosen by our fans,” said Stefano Domenicali. “The amazing number of votes shows just how popular Ferrari has always been and this will be, as always, a further impetus for us to do well this year!”

Ferrari F14T to be unveiled on Saturday

Ferrari F14T to be unveiled on Saturday

There was a total of 1,123,741 votes and the winning margin was just 19,104 or 1.7%, after a very close fight with F166 Turbo. The other three names on the list fared less well: third was F14 Scuderia (18.8%), followed by F14 Maranello (12.3%) and F616 (4.8%.)

The votes sent to the special new car site really came in from all four corners of the globe, 208 countries to be precise, over the nine days on which it was open. Italy topped the list, followed by Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Finland showed well in eighth, while among the BRICS nations, Russia came out on top in seventh, ahead of Brazil eleventh, India thirteenth, China fifteenth and South Africa thirty first.

There were some last minute new entries, worth noting the presence of Cuba, Greenland, Palau and Equatorial Guinea. There’s no other way of describing it, the ballot to name the new Ferrari the F14 T has been a smash hit. (GP247)

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  • StevetheGreat

    Talk about uninspiring. Especially when it’s said aloud.

  • Rogueb0y

    So, they named it FIAT ??? How appropriate…..

  • Rogueb0y

    So, they named it FIAT ???

  • McLaren & Senna forever


    Just like the fighter jet F-14 Tomcat, so it will be fast lol

  • Matthew

    I hope theres more imagination in the engineering then there is in that weak name!

  • Stevo555

    Was the vote held by the FIAT board of directors ?
    Well as long as the Tifosi THINK they made the decision, all is well!….

  • Nowhereman

    FIAT… “Fix it again Tony”
    I hope not…

  • sebolonso

    FIAT “Fire Idiot Alonso Today”:).

  • RBC

    @sebolonso, it’s not FIAT, it’s Ferrari. So they are keeping Alonso.

  • Forza Ferrari

    It’s not F14T it’s F14-T with a hyphen, so I don’t understand where you idiots see “FIAT” spelled. I suppose 544B spells out SAAB in your dumb minds then, eh?

  • Hawk

    Ferrari 2014 Turbo. F14 T
    Ferrari 2013 V8. F138
    Makes sense.

  • sebolonso

    @RBC Do You any idea who is behind Ferrari? Well I thought so:).
    Small correction. Ferrari is keeping Santander money load. They couldn’t care less about the spanish whiner. He is the price they pay for receiving Santander sponsorship. Read->Pay driver.

  • fawx

    the vote was rigged. they decided the name a long time ago. this fans voting thingy was a pure marketing move.

  • eeenok

    so if i mention that you’re a complete TW4-T, it’s good to know that only an idiot would read anything into that