Ecclestone doubts that Haas can afford Formula 1 project

Gene Haas with Tony Stewart

Gene Haas with Tony Stewart

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone does not think that multimillionaire NASCAR team owner Gene Haas can afford to enter Formula 1 in 2015.

Haas, with an estimated net worth of $740 million, announced recently that he has responded to the FIA’s ‘call for expressions of interest’ in filling the vacant slot in pitlane.

Haas co-owns the NASCAR team Stewart-Haas, heads one of the best wind tunnels in the world, and according to Auto Motor und Sport he would start in Formula 1 with a healthy three-digit million budget.

But Formula 1 chief executive Ecclestone told Racer that he thinks it “most unlikely” that Haas will enter Formula 1, because of the sport’s huge costs.

[Haas and his team] have been talking about it for three years,” Formula 1 business journalist Caroline Reid quoted Ecclestone as saying.

“Somebody can have 10 billion in the bank but it doesn’t mean they are going to spend it.” (GMM)

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  • Urko

    “Somebody can have 10 billion in the bank but it doesn’t mean they are going to spend it.”

    Exactly!! And Eccleston is perfect example of that!

    Ohhh, any new news about Eccleston’s Nürburgring “rescue”?;)

  • StevetheGreat

    I wouldn’t join F1 now anyway. It’s a joke.

  • Do a barrel roll at 1MPH

    It’s no wonder no one wants to come to F1. If Bernie goes around saying stuff like this. I welcome a new team into F1. Budget or not at least Haas is willing to give it a go.

  • Robb

    It’s not about personal wealth, it’s about being able to put together a sponsorship package.

  • LOL

    Bernie can’t think that a team from the wealthiest and most powerful nation in history can’t scrape up enough sponsors to make a team? Sounds like bernies trying to provoke a response.

  • AlonsoFan

    well I am pretty sure If they bring American teams in F1 then F1 will have attract even more fans but more importantly the good old days of coolness will be back.. a perfect example is the Mclaren lauch of spice girls or a famous show girl..just roll back to Flavo’s time or Eddie Jordans in 2000s. No one has a sense of humour in F1…Lewis has that sort of attitude but he cant go all vulgar cuz the team wont let him.

  • captain tortuga

    “Somebody can have 10 billion in the bank but it doesn’t mean they are going to spend it.”

    yes, thats the whole prblem, and the sole reason for the crisis… the rich ( i mean : the filthy rich.. it is called ‘filthy’ because no one gets that rich without being filthy) are getting richer, and that alone is not a problem, but they dont spend their capital.. it is sitting on bankaccounts draining banks, and forcing the banks to sell corrupted derivatives and etc.

    If the Gates, and Haas’ and others start spending their money, world crisis is solved within a year.
    Spending their money will creates job (someone has to make the villa’s and jets for those people) which creates more revenues for states and banks, an everybody will be happy. if the 85 people who own more than 50% of the worlds assets (yes it is only 85…. ) spend only like 5% of their capital, world poverty and crisis would be non-existent .


    OT : It would surprise me if Loltus end the season higher than 5th overall. but 6th or 7th also seems very likely.

  • captain tortuga

    xD that was “On Topic” to an article i read before this one xD lolz (about the lotus understeering utters :P)

  • captain tortuga

    ah, did anyone also notice that that guy on the photo, looks like an obese Alonso? 😉

  • Nowhereman

    My feeling exactly when I read it for the first time.
    Bernie should be happy the US hasn’t built a team for F1.
    I could imagine having GM behind Haas to build a car.
    I could also see F1’s top drivers drooling to drive for Haas.
    Let us go back to Le Mans in the late 60s early 70s.
    Ford comes out with a big block world beater in the GT40 / Mk4.
    They take endurance racing to another level and bingo!
    The FIA changes the rules and blocks big block engines from competing.
    If you can’t win you take your ball and run away.
    As I said, Europe whould feel relieved that the US isn’t in F1.