Pay driver Ericsson bringing millions to Caterham

Marcus Ericsson

Marcus Ericsson

Formula 1’s latest rookie Marcus Ericsson is bringing more than €11 million in Swedish sponsorship to Caterham this year, according to a report in Turun Sanomat.

While the popular, experienced and feisty Kamui Kobayashi can put just $1 million of his fans’ money on the table, and agree to drive for free in 2014, the little-known Ericsson has been referred to as a fully-fledged ‘pay driver’.

Until now, the source of his backing has not been clear. Finnish correspondent Heikki Kulta cited ‘sources’ in reporting that Ericsson is bringing 100 million Swedish Krona, or just over €11 million, to Caterham.

Kulta said Ericsson, 23, has compiled the backing with the aid of well-known former Indy driver and fellow Swede Kenny Brack. (GMM)

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  • rex

    I can see where F1 is going in the future…If I wanted to watch pay drivers I would go to my local Kart track..this as well as F1 cars will only be only 4 seconds faster than gp2 cars.
    A far cry from the Senna, Prost , Mansell days..

  • Eevel


  • Badman Jose

    Now I see why Caterhan had to have the services of Kobayashi.

    @Evel.. Disgraceful. Man you sure got that right, $$$$$$ Nuts


  • Matthew

    So Kobayashi paid a million $ to drive for free? Thats disgraceful as well.

  • D B Cooper

    Anyone looked at Ericssons CV, not? He has won several of the junior series. While winning the Japanese F3 championship he made a few visits to the British F3, and did pretty well dont you think? He has achieved more in junior series than half of the current F1 field… Go check. Pay driver, well if that is what you call it.

  • D B Cooper
  • Badman Jose

    @ D B Cooper,

    I believe that statue of limitation has ran out, right?