Doctors removed part of Schumacher’s skull to relieve pressure on brain

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It has emerged that doctors have removed a part of Michael Schumacher’s skull to relieve life threatening swelling of the brain, after he severely injured his head when he fell while skiing almost four weeks ago, but this may result in negative long term side effects for the Formula 1 legend.

Bloomberg reported: “Seven-time Formula 1 Champion Schumacher, 45, was placed in an induced coma by doctors after his accident. He has since undergone partial skull-removal as a way to relieve dangerous pressure, as well as surgery to remove blood clots in his head. Since the first week of January, the Grenoble University Hospital where he is in an induced coma has declined to update his condition.”

“Aggressive care for head injury can keep some patients alive and maximize the odds of recovery by preventing further damage. Even so, treatment often remains elusive and an invasive, hit-or-miss process that requires months or years of rehabilitation with uncertain results.”

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“Doctors rely on a variety of steps to manage brain swelling after a head injury. They monitor brain pressure closely and drain fluid from the brain or use saline solution or a diuretic to draw fluid out of brain tissue.”

“If that doesn’t work, surgeons may remove a chunk of the skull to allow room for the brain to swell, as Schumacher’s doctors did. When possible, surgeons will also remove large clots that press dangerously on the brain,” the report added.

On 17 January, Schumacher was described as stable, by his PA Sabine Kehm, while the family said yesterday in a statement, “We all know: he is a fighter and will not give up! We are deeply moved that there is no let up in the good wishes for Michael from around the world. That gives us strength. Thank you all of you!” (GP247)

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  • So it is far worse

    So Schumacher’s condition is far worse than what his management team is shoveling to the press.

  • the fan

    this is old news already

  • RBC

    @So it is far worse

    No they said this in the beginning, that they did two operations to relieve pressure on his brain, you were not listening you psycho. That means removing some of his skull. How else can they relieve pressure on the brain?

  • Tamburello_1994

    When someone uses terms like “Schumacher fanbois” you know what their true motivation is.

    So transparent.

  • JR

    As RBC said, this was done at the beginning of his treatment. How else would have they removed the clots, relieve the pressure and insert the pressure monitors? By magic?

  • StevetheGreat

    If this is news to you then you are ignorant or have been living in a cave since 29 December.

  • McLarenfan

    This has been out there for 2 – 3 weeks @RBC: They quite often just drill to relieve bleeds causing pressure, to remove sections of skull to stop pressure build up is a bigger thing but they then tend to replace that area a titanium plate. Massa has a titanium plate to fix the missing parts of his skull.
    Get well soon Schumi

  • Bruno

    God bless you Mickael

  • RBC

    @McLarenfan, They drill a skull to relieve the build up of blood. If the brain itself is swelling (as they said it was) they have to open the skull. They also removed a number of clots. That isn’t something they can do from a simple drill hole.

    My point is that some idiot believes that we are being lied to by Schumacher’s people, and I’m pointing out that the details were there if he or she actually listened.

  • Ankit

    let him go … RIP :-(

  • Nowhereman

    He is not recovering as fast as they had hoped.
    IT doesn’t mean he is going to die, it just means he is healing slowly.
    They know how long they can keep him sedated at that level before he cannot return to a normal life.
    I believe he will recover but it will take some serious time and his driving days are over for sure.

  • Dom D

    Shumi god bless you, will say a pray for you.