McLaren fires up new MP4-29 turbo

Mercedes F1 V6 turbo engine

Mercedes F1 V6 turbo engine

Hot on the heels of their announcement that all FIA crash tests had been passed, McLaren has also announced that the MP4-29, powered by the all new Mercedes V6 turbo engine has fired up for the first time, at the team’s Woking headquarters.

They announced on Twitter: “Great to hear a McLaren turbo fire up at #MTC.”

Insiders earlier this week revealed that the team is in a race against time to get the new car ready for testing at Jerez, which begins on 28 January, and this latest development may indicate that the team will be on time to test in Spain next week.

On the same day Kevin Magnussen had a seat fitting in the MP4-29. (GP247)

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  • Spartacus

    Top class team. I’m sure they’ll make it to the first test.

  • F1 sucks now

    the only think they should fire is Jenson Button , Martin With-smart? and Sam Michael .

  • Matthew

    They’ll be in jerez. It may be just lotus that misses the test after all!

  • farizY

    @F1 sucks now
    Yeah,about time to replace JB.

  • Mircea

    How is that possible to have seat fit so late ???
    I read other team did this in November-December 2013

  • Mircea

    How is that possible to have so late a seat fit?
    I read that other teams did seat fit in November 2013?

  • JodyRenza

    Those first few laps & races will be like getting to know that special’ll either take care or see what she can do!

  • Shane Martinez

    That picture would make a great poster.