Jan Magnussen says Kevin is far more organised than he ever was

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen

Jan Magnussen says that his son Kevin is far more mature than he was at the same age, the reason why the McLaren rookie is far better prepared than he was back in the mid-nineties.

Speaking to the Guardian, Magnussen senior said, “Kevin is much more mature than I was at 21. In fact there are no similarities. He’s super hardworking and much more organised than I ever was. I’m sure Ron [Dennis], who is once again in charge of the Woking factory’s F1 operation] was frustrated with me. I was a smoker, I didn’t train properly and was not at all organised. I was not ready for F1.”

Magnussen was right as Dennis famously recalled, “Jan was the most disorganised grand prix driver I’ve ever known. Once, we were at an airport and Jan had packed his passport into his suitcase. When he opened it, it looked like it had been packed by a four year old, like he’d just thrown everything into it, including his dirty washing, and none of his toiletries were in a bag.”

“People like that are chaotic in their thinking. I thought: There’s no way he’s going to make it,” added Dennis.

Magnussen agreed, “I let myself down. I wish I’d had another chance but Kevin is where he is today because of what happened to me. He can learn from my mistakes.”

“Kevin used to be the son of Jan Magnussen. Now, suddenly, I am the father of Kevin Magnussen,” said Magnussen senior with a smile. (GP247)

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