Schumacher’s 1998 Ferrari F300 fetches big bucks at auction

Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari F300

Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari F300

Michael Schumacher’s 1998 Ferrari F300 Formula 1 car has sold for €1.26 Million ($1.7 million) at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction in Arizona.

Schumacher drove the F300 in his third year with the Maranello outfit, finishing second in the 1998 World Championship, winning six races and finishing on the podium eleven times in the process.

The F300 influenced subsequent generations of Formula 1 cars with the top-exiting exhaust system which proved highly efficient in terms of cooling and aerodynamics.

Schumacher was recently injured in a skiing accident and is now, in an induced coma, in a stable condition in Grenoble Hospital. (GP247)

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Michael Schumacher won six times with the Ferrari F300, here at the 1998 Hungarian GP

Michael Schumacher won six times with the Ferrari F300, here at the 1998 Hungarian GP

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  • Maky

    These cars they sell. Are they simply display units that rich people keep in their vast offices or is it actually a functional car? i.e. with working engine etc. can be driven on track?

  • rxracer

    It depends. I imagine most are just the chassis. However that is an awful lot for an older f1 car. Schumachers or not. Most actually don’t go for huge huge sums like you might expect (prolly cos they are chassis only). Usually lower 6 figures. So I would say this F300 is the complete car

  • rxracer

    Just checked…. it is complete and fully restored, ready for racing.

  • Steve W

    I always wondered what happens to old F1 cars. Thought most of them were scrapped.

  • ninjamonk

    I think the money was spot on.

    The last F1 car of that era from Ferrari failed to sell at auction and that was a 1997 Ferrari F310 B the car from the year before this one. It’s Highest bid was a respectable $630,000.

    @steve W – Google Classic F1 cars for sale and your find there is a good market and life for these cars once they have been raced.

  • haha

    Actually I know someone who lives 5km from me in Belgium who bought a 95 tyrell and it works. He even had spare parts and tyres with it. He starts it up in his street occasionally but most of the time it sits in house as a museum piece. They did an article on him in a dutch magazine, Formule I also know someone who has a schumi benetton from 94 that works. All I can say that it costs a lot to acquire it but once you have one it costs even more :D!

  • Matthew

    So a piece of crap shelby cobra or 60s ferrari road car sells for more than a f1 car? The F1 car is far rarer. I had no idea other F1 cars were sold so cheap! Hmmm…

  • guy who likes this

    wonder how much last years mclaren would get eh?

  • ron dennis

    anyone start me at £1000