McLaren MP4-29 passes FIA crash tests

SLR 722S Roadster (C199) 2008

McLaren has confirmed that its new 2014 car, designated MP4-29, has passed the official FIA Formula 1 crash tests.

On Twitter the team announced, “Confirmed: MP4-29 has passed all its FIA crash tests.”

The team grabbed headlines this past week with Ron Dennis returning to the helm as CEO, after ousting Martin Whitmarsh from the position.

Under Whitmarsh’s leadership the Woking based outfit had not only failed to secure a title sponsor ahead of the new season, they had also failed the mandatory FIA crash tests, which delayed the build of the new car.

The MP4-29 will be unveiled online on Friday, 24 January, but it is uncertain if the team will have the car ready in time for testing in Jerez.

Sources indicate that the team is in a race against time to get the new car ready for running on 28 January, but “it’s all hands on deck” to get the car ready for Jenson Button and new signing Kevin Magnussen to drive in Spain next week. (GP247)

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  • matthew

    Completely confident they’ll be there. It’s not like failing the tests put development on hold. If mclaren can’t build 2 cars by the 28th, then they don’t belong in F1!

  • McLarenfan


    Mclaren have all the ingredients to be at the first test it is crucial that they get the running needed to see how everything gels together on track.

  • AFA

    Did they really have to wait until the point of not securing a sponsorship to realise that Martin Whitmarsh is doing something wrong?

  • LOL


    I agree. One would assume that their pathetic season would have been proof. Now this season is shaping up to be even worse! They got rid of him too late, the damage is done.

  • Spartacus

    If they needed the money there was Maldonado, or Perez. Both very well funded. Going for the rookie is exciting but doesn’t have the money to back him.

    I’m rather glad the McLaren have opted for the rookie with no sponsorship. It shows what strong leadership McLaren has and that was under Whitmarsh.

    McLaren are providing something that could be rather exciting to watch this year.

  • Matthew

    All 3 of you make good points, it seems like all of mclarens problems are due to management, and engineers. Like @LOL I’m worried that the damage is done. At least to the beginning of the season. And if thats the case, im not aware of any season that mclaren started poorly, and came storming back. I’m keeping my hopes up, but im prepared to start seeing mclaren in p13-16

  • Matthew

    I meant all 4 of you.

  • GoldLeaf

    I like the changes. I’m just disappointed that Dennis has ruled out the Kiwi Orange livery. The cars would sure as hell stand out. Ferrari has managed to stay with red through a number of sponsors. I don’t always have HD when I’m viewing races, and I hate it when the McLarens are the same color as several other “grayish” cars. If it was good enough for Bruce McLaren, it out to be good enough for Dennis. Why not ING Bank??? Nice.