Vettel: Maybe someday I will be on the same team with Kimi or Fernando, I’m not afraid

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen

Quadruple World Champion Sebastian Vettel insists that he is not afraid to go head-to-head with any of Formula 1’s very best drivers, suggesting that his next move could be to Ferrari.

Red Bull’s reigning World Champion is ‘safely’ under contract to the energy drink giant for the next couple of years, but some continue to question his talent compared to a driver like Fernando Alonso.

Kimi Raikkonen, after a two-year sabbatical and then a two comeback years with Lotus, has joined Ferrari for 2014, demonstrating that he is not put off by Spaniard Alonso’s perceived position of dominance at the Italian marque.

Vettel insists that he is not afraid to go head-to-head.

Fernando Alonso versus Sebastian Vettel at the 2013 Chinese GP

Fernando Alonso versus Sebastian Vettel at the 2013 Chinese GP

“Maybe someday I will be on the same team with Kimi or Fernando,” he told Sport Bild magazine.

“You always want to beat the strongest opponents, so I’m not afraid,” Vettel, who this year will be paired at Red Bull with Daniel Ricciardo, added.

Assessing Vettel’s character, 1996 World Champion Damon Hill said that the young German is nothing like his countryman, mentor and friend Michael Schumacher.

“That’s what makes Formula 1 interesting,” he is quoted by the Times of India. “Vettel is like a puppy, so much enthusiasm, it seems the track is his school playground.”

But Hill thinks that Vettel could be in for a much tougher fight this year, having utterly dominated the second part of the 2013 season, winning nine races on the trot.

Sebastian Vettel with Michael Schumacher

Sebastian Vettel with Michael Schumacher

“The Championship is likely to go down the wire this time,” he said. “It’s going to be unpredictable with double points proposed in the final race of the season.”

Many believe that it is Vettel’s dominance that motivated Bernie Ecclestone to push so hard for the controversial double points concept.

“It will make things exciting,” said Hill. “I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s stupid but why isn’t it a good idea? Maybe it’s a great idea.”

Not surprisingly, Vettel has slammed double points as “absurd” because it unfairly penalises dominant drivers like himself.

But Formula 1 chief executive Ecclestone told Autoweek: “I said [to Vettel] ‘don’t be too sure that you are going to have an easy year next year’. There is nothing wrong with it for anybody.”

Sebastian Vettel with Bernie Ecclestone

Sebastian Vettel with Bernie Ecclestone

Particularly, Ecclestone added, for the fans and the media.

“The press and television have got a story. [Double points means that] the championship is not over. [other drivers] still have a chance,” he told Formula 1 business journalist Christian Sylt.

Ecclestone also revealed that no one, not even the politically all-powerful Ferrari, can veto the rule change now, as it has been approved by the World Motor Sport Council.

“It is what it is,” a relaxed Raikkonen said during his visit to Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters last week. “It’s the rule and, like it or not, it isn’t going to change.”

The Finn is also laid back about the radical 2014 rules, despite many drivers predicting a huge challenge with the extreme torque of the new V6 engines.

“my feeling is that it’s not going to be as different as people think,” he said. “I might be wrong but hopefully we find out that it’s pretty simple.”

Meanwhile, Raikkonen showed that his recent back surgery appears to have been a complete success, leaping straight from the drivers’ seat of a Ferrari road car, to get over a puddle. (GMM)

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  • Kimi4WDC

    Only when Red Bull will loose their winning advantage.

    All the dreamers at Ferrari, McLaren or Merc preaching Vettel’s signing, you can keep dreaming.

    Vettel will milk Red Bull for every title he can. (Yes it sounded all kind of wrong:) )

  • Urko

    “Maybe someday I will be on the same team with Kimi or Fernando,”…

    Yeah!?? When..!!?? When Kimi will be 38 & Fernando 36 years old, but he will be still in his prime ?? If he is realy not afraid then instead of that laughing clown Ricciardo his teammate would be Kimi. So pls, don’t insult my inteligence by this PR bulls…t, cos next time i’ll be booing to.

  • Urko

    Damon Hill…??? Did u mean Graham Hill???;)
    Double points idea is stupid, it’s ridiculous, shameful & unfair (especially next year when more DNF’s are expected), but at the same time a nice way to make more parties happy, except some 90% of F1 fans. It makes happy B.E. (more money for him, cos I’m 100% sheiks are paying for this), it makes happy sheiks (one of them is Bin Sulayem; they get another race), it makes happy J.T (nice way to repay a favor to Bin Sulayem for supporting him in reelection for presidency). And i also think it makes happy Ferrari despite Luca saying he doesn’t like the rule (he just likes to be likeable). I would realy like to know if Fernando still doesn’t like it.???
    My prediction: This rule will make Vettel become 5 WDC (despite coming to last race as 2nd or even 3rd in standings), cos if any, then is RBR that improves it’s form towards end of season. And i really hope that victim of this rule will be one of Ferrari drivers, maybe the one who doesn’t care, cos this would be real slap in their face…with their own hand…same for others;

  • farizY

    Not Vettel’s fault he’s miles younger than both Kimi and Alonso. Basically,what you are saying,despite being on the same team and beating either Kimi/Alonso,Vettel can never prove he is better? Ok, I can live with that. Anyway, Can’t wait for new season to start.

  • Urko


    Where do u see Vettel on the same team and beating Alonso/Kimi..?? But the funny thing is that there was a real chance of Kimi becoming his teammate & i think we all know where lies the reason for not materialising
    That’s what I’m talking about.

  • Tamburello_1994

    No matter what he says or does it’s wont be enough to satisfy those who will just keep moving the goalpost. We’ve seen this debate play out on this forum a gazillion times now – It’s pretty much predictable who’s gonna say what.

    The real headline to this story was buried: Double points are locked in for the last race. No chance to overhaul that decision. (if there ever was one) That’s a disappointment. I was hoping it was just a trial balloon but I guess they’re serious. Lame.

    Double pts and DRS: *Thumbs down*

  • Urko

    @Tamburello, same here! I also think double points crap is more important news, but GP247 doesn’t wan’t to publish my comments of how i see the whole thing about it. Looks like they are just to scared & won’t allow any comment that mentions Todt’s, Eccleston’s & other ppl involvment in this….

  • wdirfhi

    Join Hamilton, it will be like the old F3 days when he destroyed you.
    Then the following year Di Resta even beat you.

  • Binoy

    Yeah…someday when Kimi and Alonso are way past their prime. Same as Rosberg vs Schumi. Lol.. He’s just scared to go against Kimi or Alonso. He had a chance to teamup with Kimi,and he blew it. Say all the “Kimi is old,daniel is young” shit,but we know the real reason. Redbull doesnt want a driver who can beat their boy.

  • RBC

    Kimi spoke to Red Bull and Marko came out with all this talk about how they needed a driver that would work on the simulator, that was fully committed etc etc. Meaning NOT Kimi. Then as Kimi said, Red Bull stopped talking to him…

    If Vettel had not been afraid he would have insisted on Kimi joining the team. He could ignore team orders and get away with it, so he could have pushed for Kimi to join him.

    He is just talking more LIES like Red Bull do always. Yawn.

  • Butterfly

    Vettel is talking out of his arse. Didn’t the reporters ask him about the prospect of Fernando joining Red Bull and he immediately got scared and said he has to be careful what he says? He did.

    Then, it was that waiting period when even Fernando thought he’s joining Red Bull; Dietrich, Horner, and Newey were all expecting Fernando to come over but Marko jumped the gun and announced Ricciardo instead.

    Sebastian, you don’t want to go there!

  • Tamburello_1994

    Utter nonsense. Butterfly, The only person who thought Fernando was switching to Red Bull was YOU.

    “Contracts are signed” – Remember?

    Laugh. out. loud.

  • the fan

    not afraid? even with a drunk driver like Kimi? that explains why Red Bull wont sign Raikonnen.

  • Butterfly


    If you remember, I said some guy in the paddock at the Hungarian GP said that. I suggest you stop trying to provoke me, old man.

  • stoner

    Vettel is scared. He cried like a baby any time webber came near him, so I imagine that anyone like alonso or hamilton would be vetoed. Marko made quite the big deal about not pairing vettel with hamilton a while back.

    Kimi is hardly the best performer over a season, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the warning bells rang in the vettel camp….

  • Tamburello_1994

    “Vettel is talking out of his arse.”

    Pot. Meet kettle.

  • Krunksoft

    Why is Vettel held to a different standard than Alonso?? All I ever hear is how Vettel has to prove he’s the best by winning in an inferior car because that’s what the best do. Well by that logic shouldn’t Alonso still be winning races?? Either he’s overrated as a driver or Ferrari’s cars over the past 5 years have been absolute GARBAGE. Which is it?

    At the end of the day do you think Alonso would rather be regarded as the best driver or crowned as world champion?? I don’t think he would care what kind of car or reputation he has as long as he’s qualifying and finishing first… Seb has been doing with Red Bull.

    Does Seb need to win on 3 wheels and only 1 gear? With one arm tied behind his back as well? Maybe he should start a lap behind the field?

    The double-standard doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • blackmagic

    I Hope vettel dies in a house fire.

  • RBC

    @Krunksoft, Vetttel has to beat a TOP team mate without the team blatantly favoring him. That has never happened. They had the chance with Lewis, Kimi and Alonso wanting to join Red Bull and Marco put a stop to that.

    Golden Boy Vettel used to get beaten in Formula BMW and they stole his team Kate’s chassis to try to help Vettel win. That didn’t work so they kicked the other guy out of the team.

    Vettel has a long history of being happy to win over his team mate through an unfair advantage. When that stops he might be considered a true champion.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “Vetttel has to beat a TOP team mate without the team blatantly favoring him. That has never happened.. . ”

    Why? Michael Schumacher never had to contend with a “top teammate” and it certainly didn’t harm his legacy at all. So why is it different now?

    And before you go about moving the goalpost again, Spare me, please. I’ve heard all the silly assed arguments folks like you like to try – all of them irrelevant. You might be wise not to keep trying to redefine what a champion is. Bottom line is Vettel is not responsible for who his teammate is.

    Example: Fernando Alonso was very public in wanting Massa to on as his teammate and not bring Kimi back. Gee, I wonder why?

  • DickDastardly

    here is something to the vettels glory hunting fans

    1. he got beaten in F3 by hamilton
    2. the following year hamilton beat him
    3. can anyone name me just 1 EPIC race seb ever won in f1?
    4. where was vettel when he didnt have the best car?
    5. why did he say in the summer he wants an over rated lazy driver like kimi as a team mate?

    if you ask me, sebs an over rated coward. FAKE SCHUMI

  • stoner

    Schumacher battled senna and prost and mansell. He took the fight to those guys in a slower benetton. When the carbwas good, he won the championship. He had many team mates all of whichnhe spanked. Then he took the cash and went to ferrari. In an underperforming car, he immediately took the dancing pony to championship contention. After 21 years, the drivers championship returned to Ferrari. No wonder he was held in higher esteem than vettel.

    Apart from versing hamilton in Brazil in 2008, we haven’t seen him truly battle anyone in a car that isn’t dominant.

    He cried and moaned any time webber got near him. He yelled at his pit to ‘do something!!!’ Any time he got stuck behind a slower car.

    noone doubts he is a supremely fast driver. He never, ever wastes a front row start and is the clear air king.

    But …. he takes any advantage he can. His team mates’ wing. He got his team mates’ car in gp2, he disobeys team orders, crashes into his team mate, di resta lost his drive after beating seb to the title.

    Seb wants to win. He doesn’t want the competition. He will always go where the fastest car is.

    To be fair, though, I bet alonso would do that too…. and hamilton.

    I’d prefer to be number one in the fastest car than be the best racer in a midfielder.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Same reason schumi picked irvine and barichello. He could get them to be his #2 driver. Who knows what red bull has against aussies like ferrari with brazillians. He had his chance to be kimis teammate and prob went crying to helmut marko and he agreed his twats request. Vettel is like button. Cant drive a car thats not to their liking as they both showed during the same time in 2012. Kimi & fernando can. Again 2012 and 2013

  • stoner

    Um… when did kimi show he could drive a car that wasn’t to his liking?

    2008? 2009?

    Kimi only qualifies well and races strongly when the car suits him.

    Even his engineers at Ferrari say that.

    In a well balanced redbull, I bet he would absolutely fly tho. No wonder they picked ricciardo.

    Although… didn’t ricciardo out qualify kimi over the last half of the season?


  • Krunksoft

    So in order for Vettel to truly be great he has to win in an inferior car AND have a teammate that has won a world championship or two?? That is the dumbest load of crap I’ve heard in a looooong time. Winning four championships in a row including a record 9 races in a row last season isn’t enough???? We’re all supposed to believe he’s just hype?? That is complete nonsense and you all know it. You may not like the guy but why would the F1 randomly pick this guy out and “make” him a 4-time world champ? So hard work and skill has nothing at all to do with it. Any driver in the world could have jumped a RB car and dominated the way he has??

    All this “Why didn’t he win when he was here or there?” stuff is childish because…..WHAT DOES IT MATTER IN 2014?? So what if Hamilton beat him in F3?? I’m sure he lost as a kid racing carts too!! Besides you’re talking about HAMILTON beating him. Where’s the shame in that?? Vettel cannot control who his teammate is any more than he can control his engineers. I guarantee you Alonso would rather have the fastest car than being the so-called best driver. Who wouldn’t?? But in the history of F1 the fastest car doesn’t always win, does it? Someone has to get the absolute best out of the car and why so many people won’t give Vettel credit for even doing that is beyond me.

  • vettelfanboi

    Vettel is only quickest cause of the car full stop. Remember when Jenson button won 2 in row and everyone was like wow he’s so fast. Yeah struggling to get a top ten finish now eh…

  • Tamburello_1994

    “Why so many people won’t give Vettel credit for even doing that is beyond me.”

    Simple explanation. Its easier to whine about Sebastian this or that than to admit their favorite driver (Alonso, Hamiltion, And to a lessor extent, Kimi) is, and has been getting their collective ass handed to them for the last four years. It’s easier to be intellectually dishonest and come up with silly comments like some of those above than to admit Vettel is better than all of them. The more he wins, The more deranged the critics comment are. Still crying about the wing huh? That pales in comparison to deliberately taking out a rival to win a championship(s), Or stipulating in a contract “anything goes except if you hire a certain driver to be a teammate”. Vettel won in a Toro fcuking Roso. I don’t remember Alonso ever coming close to winning at Minardi. People seem to like to overlook that.

    Vettel has nothing to prove to nobody. Period.

  • DickDastardly

    Tamburello_1994@ vettel is a OK driver in a rocketship. early 2012 number 2 webber of all people were better. vettel has never won from off the front row, apart from 2012 singapore but only because ham retired while leading. monza 2008 got pole because he set his lap in the optimum conditions, fair enough but its not like he did it on talent, it was timing. the win is not as impressive as hamilton silverstone 2008 because unlike FAKE SCHUMI, hamilton won by around a minute and from 4th. vettel is not capable of that and would crash or moan about other drivers. sepang 2012 was laughable, crashing into a backmarker and calling him ‘cucumber” when the crash was sebs fault for moving over. he is no worthy wdc

  • Tamburello_1994

    See? this is what I mean by moving the goal posts. It’s not that Vettel wins, Its that he doesn’t win GOOD ENOUGH. He doesn’t “come from behind” or “wins from pole” or my favorite; “He doesn’t fight for wins.” ALL OF IT IRRELEVANT. NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

    Racing is all about finishing first. That’s all. This constant attempt to re-define what winning is really pathetic. I can remember 1993 when Prost killed everyone in the spaceship Williams created that season. Sure, I bet Senna could have done that much better than Alain. But that’s not the way it happened. Senna gave it his best and looked great doing it, that doesn’t erase or negate, or cheapen what Prost and Williams achieved that year, And I don’t hold it against them that they couldn’t be touched. That’s the way Formula 1 goes – It’s not about fair – It’s not about equal. Its about finishing first, Period. End of story.

  • farizY

    1 wdc, yes we can call it a fluke. 4 in a row,still unconvinced? Something is wrong with you. I too can list ridiculous moments made by either Kimi, Alonso or Hamilton,but I rather not,many have listed those out.
    Fact of the matter is, he’s the youngest quadruple champ in succession,and nobody can do a rat’s a$$ about it. Lol.

  • stoner

    I don’t think there is any doubt that vettel is the fastest clear air guy. He also never wastes an opportunity. I think Hamilton or rosberg can sometimes match him on one lap pace.

    I don’t think he’s the best racer/street fighter. I think alonso is better in a battle, I think hulkenberg is a better defender.

    As a whole package, he’s up there. If I had the fastest car, I’d employ vettel, if I had the second fastest, I’d employ hulkenberg and alonso.

    Of course, all this is academic. If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “As a whole package”

    Truly the raison d’etre to formula one. Its what every team on the grid strives for and what Red Bull has perfected over the last four years. Rarely, if ever, do you win with out it.

    The essence of formula 1 – motor racing generally – right there in a nutshell.

  • A41202813GMAIL

    In 2012, He Raced Hard In BRASIL And Especially In ABU DHABI.

    Credit Where Is Due.

    GO, 44 !

  • stoner

    Well, he choked and crashed in both races. He certainly got lucky. Lucky with the timing of safety cars in abu dhabi (despite having contact twice that race). And lucky in Brazil after choking and hitting another competitor and wobbling around and picking up just enough points to keep his championship lead.

    Lucky, persistent, but not a great example of racinh.

  • DickDastardly

    farizY@ could be 10 wdc’s i dont care, even button won one in the best car. you cant justify it with stats on wdc’s won, its pointless. he must win one in an equal or slower car to be considered one of the best in history. yes kimi and others have made mistakes but its funny how whenever vettel has to fight he flops. germany 2011, sepang 2012. abu dhabi 2012 he messed up but had lots of LUCK with the safety car allowing him to make up lots of ground more than once. it appears to anyone with a brain that vettel flops when not in the best car, he got beat by di resta in F3 and Ham too. dont state the obvious with “hes the youngest quad wdc and u can do nothing about it” thats like saying “the sky is at the best blue texture it has ever been and theres nothing u can do about it” its stating the obvious, but what also should be obvious is how vettel is nothing without the best car

  • DickDastardly

    farizY@ i will also ask you this, even though your filled with bias. if hamilton can beat a 2x wdc in his 1st season and vettel cant even beat di resta, and cant beat ham in F3 then what does that make vettel?

  • stoner

    Hamilton is not the driver he was in 2007, 2008 and especially, 2009.

    I really enjoyed watching him drag that awful mclaren around in 2009.

    Pity he went gangsta.

    While vettel got better, hamilton got getto.

    Alonso ain’t gettin any younger, kimi’s a number two at best. Rosberg doesn’t the pace on Sunday that he has on Saturday, hulkenberg us stuck in crapmobiles, grosjean may get there, but lotus won’t.

    Gee, I hope ferrari and mercedes produce a car equal to the Red Bull or the next decade could be boring

  • Tamburello_1994

    You mean “ghetto”.

    Why is it Kimi is lauded and applauded for his “antics” on and off the track, well documented. It’s all part of the Iceman image.

    But when its Lewis getting in touch with himself . . . He’s “gangster” and “g(h)etto” terms like those are used? Why?

    Comes to America to hangout and it’s like he’s a trader to the U.K. I don’t get it.

    I saw a blog post where someone was giving Lewis “down the road” for leaving McLaren for “a German team” like this is 1940. Fully neglecting the fact that German team is based in England and at the time had a brit running it. Stunning.

    I guess I’d be naive to think this was all above board an had no racial component to it but methinks I’d be kidding myself . . .

  • DickDastardly

    stoner@ in 2012 hamilton was amazing but the reliability and team errors and pit problems let him down. he most likely would have won the wdc. alonso has done nothing since 2010 when he joined ferrari. he blaims the car for his poor qualifying performances. his “legendary 1st laps” are overrated as the ferrari launch system is the best in f1, massa has made better getaways than alonso, this proves its just the launch system. typical alonso fan. always beliveing the media in the same way people belived jenson was some kind of tyre saving god, when actually hamilton who according to his detractors is awful on tyres beat jb in spain 2012 from the back of the grid on a 2 stop strategy. alonso fans are the most gullible fans of any driver

  • DickDastardly

    Tamburello_1994@ dont wory, these ferrari/alonso fans are hypocrites who cherry pick things against anyone else in favor of there star driver LOLonso who blames the car for his poor qualifying. nobody even thinks ferrari will be that good next year, and yet again LOLonso will insult his team like he did in monza last year. hamilton had to get used to a new car, but this years merc should suit him much better, and if the car is good he will more than likely make LOLonso look like the over rated cheat he is

  • matthew


    kimis a #2? that came from you? The same guy that says mansoor is trying hard to save lotus and says kimi is the greatest driver to ever sit in an F1 car? Anyone who wants proof of this, go to the article where mansoor says his website doesn’t belong to him.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “Kimi is the best driver ever to sit in an f1 car. Period”

    And it was number one on your list. Strange how you would forget such the high praise for Kimi.

    Credibility destroyed.

    Good catch Matthew.

  • stoner

    That was from the douchebag who used my name to troll. His trolling was kinda obvious, dontcha think? (< hamilton joke)

    Re: Hamilton 2012. I agree. He was pretty excellent. His team cost him so much and hulkenberg cost him in the finale.

    As for kimi's iceman image. I agree again. He is a tool. He acts all hard but he is a sook.

    As for alonso, I agree again. If he qualified higher, he wouldn't have to overtake as many cars and look as good.

    Prost always scored more points than senna over the season when teammates with senna, but senna out qualified him 28-4 (from memory). Senna was faster over a lap, prost was a sunday man.

    I don't think alonso is as fast as senna, and I don't think he is as good as prost was on a sunday.

    Now there is a debate!

  • stoner

    No! You are the fake. U can @$#/ my @/$^/ because kimi us the best and all of you @/$^##/’s know it.

    I hope Mansoor sues you all.

    The Real Stoner.

  • LOL

    Forget it stoner, theres no saving face on this one!

  • Major Tom

    It´s obvious that Alonso already signed a loi with Mclaren and Vettel with Ferrari for 2015. From that point of veiw Vettels comments are logical..

  • Badboy

    Even Ham and Alostso could not get pass Huk in better cars. So the car is not everything.

  • Badboy

    Well. A lot of people have talent but never be a champion. Some of them were born to be champs. The fact is that everyone is looking for a better car to challenge for the championship. Only idiots looking for bad car just to show up his talent. Be beaten one in the past doesn’t mean they will be beaten in the future. For sure that Vet will move to another team if they can give him a good car to challenge for the championship no mater what his team mate is. The one who know he is not the best will improve. The one who think they are the best will never get closer to the championship again.
    Ham maybe the only one who can beat Seb in the near future. Alo is useless. Kimi? Let see what he can do this season.

  • pitwall

    Actually the way he carried on when Webber was beating him shows he is not so much ‘afraid’ as inconsolable. Would be fun to see him sulk like a little boy again. Come on Daniel, give him some stick…

  • Tamburello_1994

    22 January, 2014 at 1:18 am

    I wouldn’t hijack my moniker because I have a direct line to the editor in matters such as these I can easily find out and expose you for the fraud you are.

  • DickDastardly

    Badboy@ good too see someone who does not buy into the alonso hype. he really is not anything special. he hasnt even been on top gear

  • Elf

    Butterfly, wrong mate, go back a read again what Vettel meant to say with his care talking about Alonso. All are great racers, so how on Earth a four time champion could be afraid of somebody with no notable trophy since he joined Ferrari?

  • NoDriverBias

    So many anti-driver camps and I’ve not even brought a tent.

    The whole idea of the F1 process is to design a package that will perform optimally, both through design and driver selection. VET and RB have dominated through effort and consistency. Some of you use examples like Abu Dhabi 2012 to imply that VET is…… human?

    There’s no point to this endless rhetoric of what-ifs and alternate universes in which you’d pit the WDC of last year against a younger corporate rock-star paradox (RAI) or a 2x WDC who “isn’t special” (ALO). The game resets every year. I’d like to see more competition and less dominance, we all would, but I think the people who have contextualised VET’s achievements in the sport aren’t the one’s crying over what could have been for other drivers.
    The difference between fan boys and spectators is that spectators look at how a driver has actually performed, whilst fan boys conjure illusions to satisfy their own pre-conceptions of drivers they haven’t met!

  • o’ferrari


    Well said.

    I believe 2012 Alonso was better than 2012 Vettel. I think kimi is faster than alonso, but also more inconsistent.

    Until the racing starts, I guess I won’t know if I’m right.

  • Krunksoft

    @NoDriverBias – EXACTLY!!

  • NoMansLand

    The best driver win this championship is wide open who knows maybe other drivers can win it