McLaren set to run grey livery and no title sponsor


McLaren looks set to enter the 2014 season with silver grey livery, and apparently without a replacement for departed title sponsor Vodafone.

The British team has launched a range of new official replica teamwear. Whay has emerged is a distinctly ‘Ron Dennis-style’ grey and white look, leaning strongly towards the conservative side.

Moreover, the main lettering on the shirts and caps is simply ‘McLaren’, while the full team name now reads as ‘McLaren Mercedes’, suggesting that a replacement for departed title sponsor Vodafone has not been found as yet.

The news would seem to end speculation the Woking based team could revert to its traditional orange for the 2014 livery, as the curtain falls on the Mercedes era just one year ahead of the switch to works Honda power. (GMM)

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  • Ankit

    williams v2.0 is coming

  • Melvyn Scott

    Well I have heard of lots of different shades of colours, but Ron Dennis Grey is definitely a new one to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stevie Speed

    Apparently the Honda money, which is coming through already, is more than a title sponsor would pay anyway

  • Shin

    Well, if even McLaren isn’t able to find/complete a new title sponsorship deal then the sport has really hit rock-bottom. Time for Bernie (before he goes to jail for several years), CVC, and the FIA to introduce a reasonable $150 million cost-cap, plus a fair distribution of commerciial income to all the teams, instead of 60%-70% to two or three teams.

  • Sabman

    I really hope they go for a silver and black livery like the one from the West era. Will bring back good memories from the past!

  • Formula One Is Lost

    The rich teams don’t want anything to with a cost cap because that would make more teams able to compete against them.

    Formula One has completely lost its way.

  • AlonsoFan

    well thats pethatic! The ultimate Mclaren cant find a title sponsor..the team that has been up there with Ferrari , redbull and Mercedes.. F1 has hit a new low! its becoming shallow and shallow..the bubble of F1 will burst soon..its becoming more and more WWE…one more thing f1 is losing fans more and more quickly.. the young people of today wont even give a p(ig’s) a(S)s about F1. the way things are going

  • RBC

    Haaaaa, they had 1 year to find a title sponsor, they said they had many options, and now nothing! No wonder they pushed Lewis out the door. They couldn’t afford him. What a joke team they are. Plus their car company loses $100m+ every year. I am laughing so hard at them after they insulted Lewis with their pathetic attempt to lowball him on salary. I hope they end up like Williams, running at the back and talking about past glory.

  • Ian

    ” Stevie Speed 20 January, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    Apparently the Honda money, which is coming through already, is more than a title sponsor would pay anyway ”

    So not only will Honda supply engines for free (valued at £20 mill a year or so), they will also PAY McLaren more than the £50 mill a year Vodafone did, for being allowed to supply the free engines?

    Colour me skeptical on that.

  • Steve W

    Maybe teams without title sponsors will be awarded double-points for the last three races…

  • Kimi4WDC

    @Steve W

    But they will have to pay more for the points!!!! :)

  • Taskmaster

    Yawn… Step one toward the grand recovery – go boring gray to match the hair color of the old farts in charge…. Inspired thinking right out of the box. Not.

  • AlexL

    No cause for worry I think, Honda has the means to attract a title sponsor from corporate Japan sooner or later, I hope…

  • Honokaa Chuck

    Not to worry, Mansoor Ijaz is working out a deal for McLaren as we speak…! LOL