Hamilton wants Pussycat Doll to move in with him

Lewis Hamilton with Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton with Nicole Scherzinger

The on-off relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger is reportedly back on – and to the point that the Mercedes F1 driver has asked his her to move in to his luxury apartment in Monaco.

The Sun newspaper reports: “Nicole is giving serious thought to moving in with Lewis. Both sets of families are behind them being back together and she and Lewis say it feels right. They know they can’t keep splitting up and getting back together, so more commitment is the next step.”

Hamilton started dating the former Pussycat Doll in 2007, but the couple have had separations along the way. The last time they split was in July 2013, but rekindled their romance in December.

“After reuniting at Christmas, Lewis has decided he wants Nicole at his side for good. Nicole is always travelling all over the world with work, but rather than Los Angeles and London, Lewis wants their base to be in Monaco. They can go about there and no one pays them any attention, that’s what he likes about the place. Nicole is mulling things over. They have been talking a lot about the future,” the report added.

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  • stoner


  • LIO

    Stop this love drama of yours. Just marry her if you want to or if she wants to and get back to racing.
    Your such a whipped!

  • Tamburello_1994

    I guess the dogs didn’t cut it after all.

    Let’s hope we see a focused Hamilton this season.

  • Badman Jose

    Man what a beautiful woman.


  • f1 sucks now

    This clown ! Schumacher had the accident skiing and tweet pictures skiing , Vettel becomes a father and he wants Nicole at his side , maybe to have a child too , Lewis get a life in your own clown

  • jeff

    What’s Roscoe to do? He may not like being in the back seat. What ever Lewis does he needs to get his shit together!

  • MightyK

    Yes, please do so you guys!!
    Keep Lewis unfocused, or even moreso if possible.

  • Don

    AMAZING! Some who post here need a life, anything they can stick to Hamilton they will, but he will live his life according to his choice’s, JUST LIKE WE ALL DO, thankfully we all aren’t jealous and or anvious. Lewis live your life and don’t pay any attention to such haters.

  • the fan

    i cant stand having a girlfriend that the press calls “pussy” and “doll”.

    lewis is certainly living a hollywood rapper’s lifestyle isnt it? a far cry from the promising rookie in 2007. he certainly lost all the charisma of a once good champ.

  • RBC

    Lewis has millions of fans, as does his girlfriend. Many people admire his life. So a few people don’t like his lifestyle choices? So what? He’s allowed to do what he wants in his personal life, not what the haters want.

  • the fan


    whoever said that lewis must do what the haters want? people cant comment?

  • Don

    Glad you make the point “people can’t comment” , remember those words when lewis speaks and the words are twisted to suggest negativity. Lewis is probably the only driver in F1 who gets repeatedly critized for living his life the way he wants, I don’t here negative comments about Vettel fathering a child outside of wedlock, however lewis and nicole dating suggests he is not committed to his racing career, but people who comment like this know they are only hating because they believe he dosen’t deserve to win.
    I will end my comment with two questions, do you believe Vettel should commit to his new born child or continue his commitment to winning? Should he have to decide one of the two or like the rest of us RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE do both regardless of circumstances?