Brawn to lead McLaren team starting to look increasingly likely

Ross Brawn has a history with Honda

Ross Brawn has history with Honda

At the end of last season Ross Brawn made it quite clear he wanted take time off after he departed the position of team principal at Mercedes, but that was before latest developments at McLaren where Ron Dennis engineered an internal coup at Woking.

Dennis took over as CEO again, marginalising Martin Whitmarsh in the process, and announced to staff that he was returning the Woking outfit back to their winning ways on all fronts, which prompted a standing ovation from all present.

In December Dennis told the BBC that he had spoken to Brawn during a shooting function, “We were having a chat and we’re mature motor racing people so of course you’re going to talk about life. But going beyond that, as you would expect, it’s normal stuff. People probe around, the possible, the impossible.”

Formula One World Championship

Ron Dennis with Martin Whitmarsh

At the time Brawn refused to comment on the subject, “It wouldn’t be fair or appropriate to say if any parties have invited me for discussions. I am starting my fishing trips early next year and only time will tell if Formula 1 and [I] ever get together again.”

With Honda power in the pipeline for McLaren starting in 2015, and 2014 very much an interim year for the squad who will be paying for their Mercedes turbo engines, Brawn could well be the man to lead the F1 operation into the team’s second era with the Japanese car giant.

It is more than likely that the latest developments will have piqued Brawn’s interest, as it would reunite him with Honda and Jenson Button who won the 2009 F1 world championship from Brawn GP. Notably he would still be able to go fishing and return in the early summer to head up the team.

McLaren-Honda have an illustrious history

McLaren-Honda have an illustrious history

Although Dennis has yet to confirm who will run the team in 2014, it appears unlikely that Martin Whitmarsh – whose future with the organisation is uncertain – will be given the role in the wake of the team’s worst season in memory, where they did not score a single podium, coupled to the fact that the team’s 2014 car is unlikely to be ready for the seasoning opening Jerez test which starts on 28 January.

If the internal coup is about leadership, or lack thereof in this case, then it is just a matter of time that Whitmarsh will be shown the door and according to insiders he is not the only one facing the axe. (GP247)

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  • McLaren/Brawn Equal Big Mistake

    McLaren will be making a huge mistake if they think Brawn is their answer. He did nothing the years he has been with Mercedes, he did nothing the years he was with Honda, he got lucky on a rules loop hole when he took over Honda when they sold him the team to make it Brawn GP.

    Brawn use by date long ago expired. Time for some new blood to replace him.

    Brawns biggest claim to fame with Mercedes is his illegal test that Mercedes got away with. But than again didn’t Ron get ousted from McLaren a little while after McLaren got caught with the stolen Ferrari documents. Maybe birds of a feather flock together.

  • Tamburello_1994

    The writer seemed more to speculate rather lend any real evidence of Brawn doing anything but going fishing.

    A nothing-burger deluxe.

  • FFone

    @McLaren/Brawn Equal Big Mistake

    Pls STFU

  • Godfather

    @McLaren/Brawn Equal Big Mistake

    Not to mention brawn gp and coming second last year

  • emiguel

    what a pity, it would be much better to have Ross Brawn back at Ferrari again and send useless stefano domenicali to cr@pClaren

  • realf1fan

    @McLaren/Brawn Equal Big Mistake

    Not to mention brawn gp and coming second last year


    Well Brawn gp/Mercedes coming second i feel was down to the boy from Hertfordshire replacing hence upgrading the driver skills at the Silver Arrows and it was plane to see that with the arrival of Tewin boy the Whole Mercedes team just raised their game this is what this guy can do and it can be no coincidence that Mclaren not scoring a podium was down to wonderboys absence.

    I’m sure the nutty Glaswegian will agree as he has a secret love for LH.

  • MightyK

    19 January, 2014 at 6:50 pm
    @McLaren/Brawn Equal Big Mistake

    Pls STFU

    Thanx for saving me the trouble FFone.
    R. Brawn has done more, more often than anybody at McLaren ever has!

  • Dr. Azlan

    Dennis won’t have too may headaches if Brawn runs McLaren. He surely wants someone with lotsa experience.

  • Taskmaster

    Brawn has been part of some great teams – coupled with the likes of Byrne, Briatore, Todt and Schumacher, and had one season using a rules exploit that provided an early unfair advantage – proven by the fact that Button won the WDC against superior drivers. Since then, as Team Principle his performance has been good, but not great. The fact he was forced out of Mercedes shows they too lost confidence. While he is most certainly better than Whitmarsh – the question is: Can he turn McLaren around and, with Button driving, beat the dream team of Newey/Horner/Vettel, or the out of retirement Byrne w/ Raikkonnen/Alonso at Ferrari? Not seeing it, sorry.

  • F1 MAD

    Hey “McLaren/Brawn Equal Big Mistake” you must have been sleeping the last 20 years or you must be new to F1 . Brawn took Michael Schumacher to all 7 world titles and for good measure made Jenson Button a world champion . Wake up .
    A Brawn/Dennis is definitely a historical moment to watch but probably as much a challenge to manage as Alonso/Kimi .

  • ninjamonk

    I think the lack of a title sponsor and failing basic fia tests are the main issues for McLaren. Ron can sort the business side of it and this would allow Ross to sort the carside and get the team principal title.

    I cant imagine Ross will be happy finish his career as he did

  • pitwall

    Now, we just need someone to get the Red Bulls blueprints and get his wife to photocopy them…