Stewart on: Vettel’s greed, Fernando vs Kimi, Lewis’ speed and Jenson’s grief

Sir Jackie Stewart has his say

Sir Jackie Stewart has his say

Formula 1 could do with a new World Champion after four years of domination by Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel, according to triple title holder Jackie Stewart.

“I think it would be better, I think it would liven things up…it would be refreshing,” the 74-year-old Scot told reporters at a lunch to preview this month’s Motorsport Hall of Fame event in London.

“Four times is a bit greedy,” he joked.

Vettel, 26, became the youngest quadruple Champion last season and won the final nine races of the year. Nobody has beaten him since July.

Red Bull have also won the last four Constructors’ titles and will start the new season in March as favourites again.

Michael Schumacher with Sebastian Vettel

Michael Schumacher with Sebastian Vettel

Fellow-German Michael Schumacher, who retired in 2012 at the age of 43 and is currently in a coma after a skiing accident in France last month, won five titles in a row with Ferrari between 2000 and 2004.

“Nobody is up there forever,” said Stewart. “The world moves on and I’m sure that will be the case. I don’t know if it will be next season.

“Red Bull are pretty impressive and they’ve now got more money coming in from sponsors than they have from Red Bull, because they are getting TV [coverage].”

This season sees a new V6 turbocharged engine replacing the old V8s, with fuel economy and driving style much more significant factors, and reliability will be a bigger concern.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner warned that the opening race in Australia could see a significant number of retirements, perhaps as much as half the field, instead of most cars finishing.

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen

It should also be harder for Vettel to run away with the Championship following a controversial decision to award double points at the final race in Abu Dhabi in a bid to keep the title open for longer.

Stewart expects last year’s runner-up and past double Champion Fernando Alonso to get the better of team mate Kimi Raikkonen, the 2007 World Champion, at Ferrari this season when they are paired for the first time.

Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 Champion with McLaren and a winner for Mercedes last year, is another favourite even if questions had still to be answered about his consistency over the course of a year.

“I think Lewis is the fastest driver in the business,” said Stewart. “Just sheer speed. When he puts a quick one in, he’s the master at it.”

Lewis Hamilton and  Jenson Button

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button

The Scot said he was sure that McLaren’s Jenson Button, the 2009 Champion, would not let grief at the death last weekend of his father John – a constant presence at races and a hugely popular paddock figure – affect his racing.

“A racing driver is a peculiar animal,” he said. “Look at all the death that we had and yet for whatever reason we still raced…I think racing drivers probably are tougher than most people.

“John lived the fullest of lives, and he had a heart attack and he was 70 years of age. There wasn’t much life that he’d missed.” (Reuters)

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  • Spartacus

    Fair comments by Stewart.

    As for Vettel we should enjoy watching the best doing his best. Stewart is right it won’t last; either someone better will come along, or the car won’t be a winner, or even (and it does happen) Vettel might not be as quick!

    It happened to Hamilton. Can’t wait for Hamilton’s rap album.

  • realf1fan

    Lewis the quickest in F1 ? I conquer.

  • Tamburello_1994

    It’s been a great ride for Vettel and I’ve certainly enjoyed watching him work just like Schu and Senna before him. I often wonder what Ayrton would say about Sebastian x4.

    Personally, I hope he strings a few more championships together – Just to tweek the critics that much more.

    Greed is good.

  • the fan

    4x is greed just because he only had 3 of them. as usual, Stewart’s opinions are pure of crappy opinions and “low nutrition” statements. i remember a some years ago when he interviewed Senna, posting a stupid question and Ayrton humiliated him with a straight answer. The things that separates him from Jaques are his 2 other trophies, really.

  • F1 sucks now

    @ the fan , if you are a real fan , you may know that Senna apologized to Stewart few years later , because he lied to him in that not so straight answer . and did ask him to help him to improve the safety of F1

  • powertrain


    Lewis the fastest in F1? Ha Ha. That explains all his wdcs.

  • bobw

    “I think Lewis is the fastest driver in the business,” said Stewart. “Just sheer speed. When he puts a quick one in, he’s the master at it.”

    When did Jackie Stewart start smoking crack?

  • the fan

    @f1 sucks now….

    im not so sure if we’re on the same page. but given that senna apologized after, it really doesnt matter. its the manner in which stewart asked and senna replied that i was talking about because when stewart opens his mouth, he rarely thinks first and uses his arrogance and lacks of common sense.

  • RBC

    @powertrain, if you are so dumb that you think F1 results are just about the driver then I suggest you see a brain surgeon. F1 is 80% about the car and 20% about the driver. The fastest driver in a mediocre car can’t win. A mediocre driver in the fastest car can win. So Lewis can be the fastest driver and not have results.

  • TylerC

    Is that so? Jean Alesi might disagree with you there, andI don’t just mean Montréal ’95, but look at his early drives taking the fight to Schumacher, Senna, and Prost with Tyrells and a few Ferraris that were utter dogs.

  • stoner

    How many gp did alesi win?

  • hmm

    18 January, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    Lewis the fastest in F1?

    Yes powertrain he is even Jackie says so and he is a 3xwdc EPIC.

  • stoner

    Kimi is the fastest in f1.

  • brawn

    @ hmm, realf1fan.
    Hi Laurel Sewel. Still got your unhealthy crush on Hamilton?
    What name will you use next?

  • Taipan


    “Lewis the quickest in F1 ? I conquer.”

    It’s concur you bloody idiot.

    Quite funny watching you argue with yourself over here, once a troll always a troll.

  • Badman Jose

    For some reason when ever I see Mr. Vettel I think of
    Lance Armstrong. Two axioms will come true, ” Every
    Dog has its day”. What goes around come around.
    My reason, Red Bull’s car 2013 was illegal.

    I see we have Taipan. We all know he is what he is..

    Old Jose

  • Taipan

    Hello Jose, nice to see you.

    Any proof on the RB13 being illegal, or is it just another one of your groundless theories?

    Oh and how’s your campaign to get Crash shut down going? Not that well by the looks of it. lol

  • powertrain

    @ Badman Jose. What a disgusting thing to say about the fastest driver in the field.

  • sunny stivala

    @247 moderators, I already said that this your site has been infected big time by other sites rejects, now I am telling you that (RGT) the biggest recognised troll lurking on the F1 sites have now found refuge on your site and is rendering this your site as a rubbish site, in the last eight hours alone this troll has been blocked no less than 12 times when caught red handed trolling on another popular site.

  • powertrain

    Here is my E-mail, as promised.

  • powertrain

    Oops. laurelsewel21 @ gmail(dot)com

  • blackmagic

    Vettel is only quickest cause of the car full stop. Remember when Jenson button won 2 in row and everyone was like wow he’s so fast. Yeah struggling to get a top ten finish now eh…

  • Badman Jose

    Its a group compliant (193). NY Department of Civil Rights has
    sked our second hearing for March 19, 10am ..All good things
    take time and money. I have plenty of both!


    He is not the fastest driver in F1..He did have the fastest car
    by a very Large margin..

    Old Jose

  • Taipan

    Hi Jose,

    Shame to see you waste your time and money but if you think it’s a worthy spend of both good luck to you.

    You do realise that Powertrain, realf1fan, Brawn and Hmm are all the same person don’t you? It’s all RonsGoldenBoy Jose, you remember him don’t you? A big Lewis Hamilton fan, had about 40 trolling comments deleted from Crash today, he was pretending to be Japanese earlier.

    I truly hope Jackson is well.

  • RBC


    Yeah that is why Alesi was a 14 times WDC and Schumacher didn’t win 7 WDC, Senna 3 WDC, and Prost 4 WDC.

    I see what asylum you are living in.

    You actually proved my point. If Alesi was better than Schumacher, Senna, and Prost as you suggest, then the reason he was never a WDC was THE CAR!!!

    Thanks for proving my point you idiot!

  • Badman Jose

    Actually we have nothing to talk about (for now)..Please just leave me alone, Tnx